Best VHS Camcorder: The Best One You Can Find in 2021

Do you want to revive the dream of the ‘90s? Then we are to show you the Best VHS camcorder which has developed a bit ahead recently, so you may buy it now. The retro type capturing will wow many audiences and it would be great fun.

The old buddies are available in a new pack and if you want to know what to purchase, then we are here to explain. What makes us curious to buy it? Well, a camcorder comes with no cellphone serialization, no GPS chips and it tells you the old memories.

You may face a downside of it. However, you will find them inexpensive as a result, the least of them seem durable. But when you delve into the market, there are too many. Here is why you should read our review and sort out your deal.

At A Glance: My Top Recommended VHS Camcorders

This is the only full-size VHS model on the list. 72x digital zoom, 3-inch LCD ColorView, 1-Hour Rechargeable Battery, and Digital Special Effects.

good 26x optical zoom, only weighs 2.6 pounds, 3-inch swivel LCD screen, Digital electronic image stabilization, and many more features.

good overall features for a reasonable price

very compact and good for travelling.

you can still get it as new, unlike other models.

What Is A VHS Camcorder?

VHS cameras are the latest edition of VCR. It comes with large tapes that easily pop out when you want and you can get to see the recorded version from the monitor. This kind of camera shoots with the resolution of 250 horizontal lines, which is pretty low what you will get in advance cameras.

Although the VHS camcorder comes in larger shape compared to today’s camera, you will find it lightweight and portable. The unique video rolling with retro effects will remind your old days of the 90s. The lens it has gotten has digital zooming ability and allows the automatic white balance.

The fun fact of it, you may easily upgrade the system like install a new lens and a new microphone device to get clarity of video and voice both.

Some VHS Camcorder Accessories you can buy:

How To Use A VHS Camcorder?

If you have just brought your VHS camcorder, you must be thinking about how you may get started with it? Well, filming this Camera is so easy, you just need to charge the battery first hand.

Then open up the camera from the briefcase, hold it on your shoulder and just turn the switch on. Right away, you will see the shooting target from the tripod that comes closer to your eye.

Once you play on the video rolling switch, then in no time it will begin. The tape right behind the box will record it if you press the record button, otherwise, it will be a random shooting.

So, this is the easiest manual ever to acknowledge you on how to use a VHS Camcorder.

Best VHS camcorder: Our Honest Review

1. Best Overall: RCA CC4352 Full-Size VHS Camcorder

RCA CC4352 Full-Size VHS Camcorder

Specifications At A Glance:

  • Weight: 05 pounds
  • Product Dimension 16.4 x 13.7 x 8.2 inches
  • Zoom Lens: 12X
  • Monitor size: 3-inch

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We are going to introduce the best line-up from the camcorder that is RCA CC4352. It seems to be the best quality VHS camcorder due to having some extra-ordinary features. The main reason why this one pops up first is because of its digital zooming action with retro based effects. You will also love to have it and move around since it is lightweight.

The tripod flip is fixed where you will see through the recording. Inside the device, the lens has gotten the filter size up to 46mm. That being said, the zooming ability will go approximately to that particular distance. The resolution is a bit poor to be honest which is less than one MP.

The battery is to support you up to 1-hour on-going stand by recording. The tape seems large in shape but easily tuck inside of it. The audio quality is also great and it has a built-in microphone that receives audio signals in no time.

Summary:It will easily come across your hands and you will enjoy the on-going recording after peeping into the 3-inch LCD screen. While unboxing, you will find the battery and the tape separately in a good condition. There is no fear of getting busted after six months of use, it seems durable.
👍 Pros:
  • One-hour video recording without interruption
  • Automatically focuses on the objects
  • Maintain white balance and shoot retro effects
  • Lightweight and thus easily portable
👎 Cons:
  • Leather case is not included
  • Built-in microphone incapable of remote recording

2. Best Compact: RCA CC4352 Full-Size VHS Camcorder

Panasonic PV-L559 Palmcorder Camcorder

Specifications At A Glance:

  • Display Size: 3 Inches
  • Max Focal Length: 98.8 Millimeters
  • Image Stabilization: Digital

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If you are new to filming but want to purchase a compact version of the camcorder, then the Panasonic VHS camcorder is perfect for you.

Weighing around 2.6 pounds, the camcorder is light, clear and colorful, and a versatile camcorder. The Panasonic PV-L559 offers a compact LCD screen.

Normal VHS tape is used making it suitable to play in any kind of VCR. Panasonic PV-L559 also has a 150x digital zoom and packed with advanced features like image stabilization, fade feature for scene transitions. It also provides seven different effects in eight different colors which are a cool option to play around with.

You can also record from different angles with its swivel screen, swiveling a full 180 degree. Which means you can record yourself on the camcorder as well. On top of that, the camcorder provides a security model that starts auto recording when sensing motion.

Summary:Panasonic PV-L559 is a good, compact camcorder packed with advanced features. With cool effects, you can play around with your video making creativity.
👍 Pros:
  • It has a powerful digital zoom of 150x
  • Comes with a sensor
  • 180-degree swivel LCD screen
  • Auto light setting suited for the dim condition
👎 Cons:
  • The length of an outlet of adapter is short

3. Best Budget: Panasonic PV-L551 VHS-C Camcorder

Panasonic PV-L559 Palmcorder Camcorder

Specifications At A Glance:

  • Display Size: 2.5 Inches
  • Weight: 2.2 Pounds
  • Image Stabilization: Digital

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Are you looking for an overall good camcorder without spending a lot? Panasonic PV-L551 VHS-C Camcorder fits you perfectly. Coming up with all of the useful features, this camcorder is a budget-friendly device from our opinion.

In the generation of hype where there is new technology coming up every other day, Panasonic PV-L551 VHS-C is simple and to the point camcorder, weighing only 2.2 pounds, making it easy to handle and overall effective. This camcorder is created for the beginner hobbyists who want to experiment with the best vintage VHS camcorder.

Do not let it fool you though, this camcorder is one hell of a performer. The VHS-C nature of the camcorder provides a nostalgic effect. The camcorder comes with a 2.5-inch LCD display providing a 270-degree swivel. Perfect for experimenting since the swivel capacity allows you to shoot from different angles.

It has an optical zoom of 20x. The camcorder has several effects including black and white fader for scene transitioning. The camcorder offers an easy playback, as well as it’s records, are easily playable on ant VCR.

Summary: A perfect camcorder for beginner hobbyists who wants to delve into the realm of videography but do not want to spend a fortune.
👍 Pros:
  • Insanely affordable
  • Comes with battery pack
  • Good to shoot in low light situations
  • Comes with useful accessories
👎 Cons:
  • It won’t arrive with a blank tape

Other Considerations:

4. RCA CC4352 Full-Size VHS Camcorder

RCA CC4352 Full-Size VHS CamcorderJVC made this stunning camcorder with many necessary features. This one we believe as a good lightweight and portable recorder which you may easily carry. However, if we compare it to the Panasonic PV-L559 then we will find some lackings. First off, the digital zooming of it is lagging behind from Panasonic. Secondly, but most importantly, the battery capacity of JVR is up to one-hour whereas our suggested Camcorder has gotten 2 hours of continuous rolling.

However, you may settle on this camcorder since most of the features are available here. Besides, the price of it seems inexpensive while comparing with other compact version camcorders.

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5. Panasonic PV-L501 VHS-C Camcorder

Panasonic PV-L501 VHS-C CamcorderPanasonic has definitely brought good features and so on the PV-L501 will be a good choice. But the only thing it misses out is the low-light capturing. Yes, it claims to have low light capturing but it falls flat to give you so. On the flip side, the model of Panasonic we reviewed here PV-L559 is a bonus with the effective low light capturing mode.

If the low-light capturing doesn’t give you the hard time, then it fits all good here. You may bring this fellow and enjoy the vintage shooting in no time.

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Key Features Of The Best VHS Camcorder

Digital Zoom

When we talk about the camcorder, the first feature that comes up is Digital Zoom. You must have a question: can I use a camcorder with zoom? Well, the digital zoom feature allows you to focus on any specific object and once you target it the object seems bigger while recording.

There is a downside to digital zooming as well. That being said, the more you increase the aspect ratio of zooming the resolution will come to reduce. So this is going to toss out the information of videos and eventually decrease the video quality.

Lens Mechanism

Lens is the heart of camcorder and it determines the quality of video. The lens-related objects would be a diaphragm, lens types, focal distance and the depth of the autofocus. You need to pack them all together and consider the overall lens features.


Camcorder plays in an automatic mode based on the autofocus mode. Here is why, you don’t need to fix anything, the cam itself will automatically set the shutter speed, color balance, and aperture. However, you can set them accordingly to your choices.

Vintage Video Format

Having the vintage playback while recording is the key reason to buy it. The retro based vintage video gives us goosebumps. Since this is a common feature, so the thing you need to sort out the quality of vintage that varies from one another.


More or less, every camcorder comes with the viewfinder, that is a small image monitor. The viewfinders are available in a few modes, the are color tube, LCD screen and LED screen. The LCD screen is a good choice in the pristine camcorder and the LED monitor would be the latest add-on.

How To Convert VHS To Digital On Mac

Before you learn on how to convert VHS to digital on mac, make sure you need some certain stuffs from below:

  • VHS-C adapter
  • Video Capture Dongle
  • Scart to RCA cable

Once you have gotten all of the above equipment then let’s set them up. The first thing you need to do is to attach the adapter with your mac. The dongle is for an instant recording that will be directly stored on your mac. The best part is Scart to RCA cable that will transfer the tape.

What Can I Do With My Old VHS Camcorder?

There is a vintage equipment market on eBay or even on Amazon. You can sell it starting from $50 to $180 depending on the condition of your recorder. You may also store it to sell it after a couple of years to get a good price for it. Because the more time will pass away, the more pristine it will become and people then give you a good price for it.

Apart from the selling idea, you can keep the amazing stuff for you and record the awesome stuff for mini-movie making. Many of us are now making the old stuff with new ideas and they are getting a great response for it, so it is your turn now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a camcorder with zoom?

In every camcorder, you will get to find a zoom option varying from different focal lengths. Using the zoom option is pretty easy and fun, you just need to scroll it up and down. Though zooming is an effective choice while recording to bring the object closer, it crashes the actual resolution.

Does it still make sense to buy a camcorder?

In this era of smartphones, it is hard to say if it still makes sense to buy a camcorder or not. The latest smartphones and DSLR cameras are enriched in many features that lower the demand for camcorders in the market. However, comparing these device’s lenses and battery life, camcorders are considered somehow better.

Are camcorders out of date?

Whenever we hear the name of camcorders it feels like we are in the last century. In today’s world, many other products have already taken the place of camcorders. So it can be said this product is kind of outdated. Yet many people prefer buying them as it has a high-quality lens that can beat other cameras.

Which is a better Sony or Panasonic camcorder?

Both brands are considered champions for making camcorders. Most of the features are quite similar except for a few. However, Panasonic has some benefits over Sony such as a second twin camera or a microphone that is wind resistant. So even though both are tough competitors Panasonic camcorder’s rank is better than Sony.

How long can camcorders record?

Camcorders are mainly used for recording videos as it comes with a videocassette along with a video recorder. The time of recording varies with the space of hard drive or flash memory. Again it relates to the amount of your budget. Like, there are camcorders that can record up to 9 – 18 hours with varying storages and budgets.

Do camcorders take pictures?

Though camcorders are mainly used for recording videos there is still an option for taking photographs. This option effectively converts this gadget into a camera yet there are many dissimilarities. Moreover, you can also capture digital images from your recorded videos. So it is clear that camcorders can take pictures as well.

Can I use a camcorder for YouTube videos?

Well, you can obviously use a camcorder for making YouTube videos. There are many camcorders in the market that come with the 4k recording facility and they are good for YouTube. However, vlogging cameras are considered best for this task. But the nice zoom options make you choose a camcorder.


Hopefully, your search for the Best VHS camcorder has come to an end. If you are a vintage shooting lover and want to experience the old-school of recording, you have come to know the three categories of choices. Here RCA CC4352 is the professional VHS camcorder in which you will explore every possible feature of an ideal camcorder. The rest of the others still match for you in regard to the budget and compactness. Now it is high time to move on and bring the best that fits the most!


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