What Is a Vlogging Camera? Know Elaborately

Vloggers merely have much time to move with a heavy-equipped camera. They need a short video version of their blog (which we defined as a vlog) easily and quickly. That’s why firstly, it is mandatory to select a good vlogging camera.

Vlogging cameras need a minimum of 12MP to become the best camera for your blog. The more the MP, the more the vlog will sharp, clear, and crisp. So what is a vlogging camera? What is the specialty of this camera? Let’s discuss in-depth in the following way-

What is a Vlogging Camera?

A vlogging camera is used to filming a short video clip to represent the blog. Please don’t confuse the blog and vlog. The video version of any blog is termed as a vlog. Sometimes vloggers may want to represent the whole blog by a short video. This short video is a vlog. The dedicated camera which is capable of filming this short video clip is a vlogging camera.

A vlogging camera has the only aim is to produce the ‘‘Video Version of a Blog Post.’

Types of the Vlogging Camera:

Action Camera:

Action cameras are compact and smaller. Due to the lighter weights of this camera, most vloggers prefer using it to make their vlog. This camera can withstand any harsh environment. And you can capture almost all the things you see in front of you.

DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) Camera:

DSLR is just like a pioneer for your vlogging. This camera allows a supreme quality both for capturing a still image or filming video footage. DSLR has a larger sensor also with interchangeable lenses. The only demerit of this camera is the massive weight of this camera. Many vloggers may not take it easily due to its larger size and bulk weight.

Mirrorless Camera:

Unlike the DSLR, Mirrorless cameras don’t have any movable mirror physically. Instead of striking to the mirror, the captured image directly passes to the sensor in this camera. They also have interchangeable lenses. However, if you use a Mirrorless camera for your YouTube channel or other blog sites, you will get a DSLR quality vlog.

Micro Four Thirds Camera:

Micro Four Thirds camera is almost similar to the Mirrorless camera. They are features a tiny sensor from the DSLR or Mirrorless camera. The compact size and the interchangeable lenses make these cameras the most popular vlogging cameras nowadays.

Compact/Point & Shoot Camera:

This vlogging camera is the medium version of the tiny and massive vlogging cameras. If any vloggers want a blend in between action and DSLR camera, compact or Point & Shoot Cameras could be the best choice. Filming varieties of footage without carrying too many accessories-is the major job responsibilities of this type of camera.

Features of a Good Vlogging Camera:

Below mentioned features are the prime concerns for a perfect vlogging camera. Find all the aspects correctly on your vlogging camera to make it best among all.

Video Quality:

You cannot expect a good vlog without a perfect vlogging camera. An ideal vlogging camera’s only motive is to deliver you an extreme quality video with a sharp and crisp image. This camera should be capable of shooting both in a bright or dim light condition. Either outdoor or indoor, in both cases, a vlogging camera can capture good quality footage. Any natural lighting variation might not change the footage scene for this camera. However, a good vlogging camera has an excellent lens to offer you the above features.

Optical Image Stabilization:

Any outdoor or indoor shooting with a handheld camera stabilizer delivers you the desired OIS in your vlogging camera. Despite this, you need to be ensuring your vlogging camera has a good OIS to help you shooting in a shaking position.


Vloggers have merely assistance to stay behind the camera to fix the focus of the camera. Therefore a good vlogging camera needs to have good autofocus inbuilt with. Good autofocus help to keep you on recording track effectively.


The sensor is the prime concern for a vlogging camera. A camera having a larger sensor can work with more light. A smaller sensor camera may not always perform better if you are shooting in a relatively low light environment. So a larger sensor is the key feature of a vlogging camera.

Portable & Versatile:

As you want to handle your camera quickly, so it needs to be easy-to-use and easy-to-handle. A lighter weighing vlogging camera is portable and versatile. You can take along with yourself anywhere you want to go.

Battery life:

No Youtuber or vloggers can take a perfect shot without any retake. Moreover, most often, they need to shoot for one or two hours both indoor and outdoor. So to up your vlog, you need a vlogging camera with a good battery life.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection:

Vloggers have to upload vlog to their vlog sites. So if the camera features a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth facility, it will help auto-upload the vlog content on the vlog sites.

Microphone Unit:

Find a microphone unit on your vlogging camera. It will ensure an excellent audio quality of your recorded video.

Top 5 Vlogging Cameras In 2021:

1. Sony ZV-1 Camera for Vlogging 

  • 1 MP
  • 1-inch Sensor
  • Compact
  • 0-inch Vari-Angle Touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity3.

2. Olympus E-MS Mark iii

  • 4MP
  • Four-Thirds Sensor
  • Mirrorless
  • EVF Viewfinder
  • 0-Inch Vari-Angle Touchscreen

3. Canon EOS M50

  • APS-C CMOS camera
  • Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 1MP
  • Exclusive Dual Pixel Autofocus
  • EVF Viewfinder with 2.36 Million Dots

4. Fujifilm X-T4

  • 1MP
  • 3690K Dots Viewfinder
  • 425-point AF
  • 0Inch Tilt-Angle Touchscreen
  • IBIS facility

5. Panasonic G100

  • Compact
  • Micro Four Thirds Sensor
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Connection
  • 4K 30P Movie Resolution
  • 0 Inch Articulating touchscreen

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the best vlogging cameras for the vloggers?

Sony ZV-1, Olympus E-MS Mark iii and Canon EOS M50, etc. are the best vlogging cameras. These cameras are useful for shooting the video for the blog site. Instead of giving a readable description in the vlog sites, you can easily represent the whole of your creative thinking just through one of these perfect vlogging cameras.

Which type of camera is a good choice for vloggers?

An action camera is a perfect choice for each vlogger. Though many people think DSLR supposed to be the best, the heavyweight and larger size are the main obstacles to make; it is a vlogger friendly camera. The action camera has a lighter weight, compact size. Therefore they are the best.

Final verdict:

Nowadays, vlogging becomes the most popular term both for the young or aged person. If you also want to be the same track walker, you have to at first collect a good vlogging camera. Regardless of your less experience and less knowing of having a vlogging gear, there are no more cons with having a vlogging camera.

That’s all about on ”What is a vlogging camera? Know elaborately”. If you find this article is a useful one, please don’t forget to share it.

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