Godox Vs Flashpoint: Which One Is Worth Your Money

Godox has been offering a wide range of studio photography equipment at an unbeatable price. After their remarkable releases of gears like the AD200 Pro, AD400 Pro, and AD600 Pro, more photography enthusiasts are switching to them. The AD600 matches up in performance with the expensive Profoto B1, coming at a fraction of its price.

Also, with its 2.4GHz enabled strobes, it allows for cross-platform support for different camera brands like Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Pentax, and M4/3. Godox is one of the most comprehensive radio flash systems currently available, making it too good to be true.

But many people are now getting confused between Godox vs Flashpoint and ask are Flashpoint and Godox the same?

Yes, eventually they’re made by the same parent company that is GODOX Photo Equipment Co. Ltd.

Let’s learn all about them in detail below.

Who Makes Godox?

Godox is a leading manufacturer of lighting systems situated in Shenzhen, China. Founded in 1993, now they are offering the full range of lighting equipment. Continuous lighting, studio flashes, camera flashes, flash accessories, power pack, flash triggering, and control system- they offer them all.

They have won the heart of photography enthusiasts by providing top-notch lighting equipment at super affordable prices. But don’t let the cheap price tag fool you, their products will give you the same results as the expensive Profoto flashes. So, day by day more photographers are switching to them.

One thing I like about Godox is that all of their lighting systems have been designed using the X communication system. As a result, compatibility won’t be a concern while working with them because they work together greatly.

Who Makes Flashpoint?

Godox lets other distributors rebrand their products in different countries across the world. The Flashpoint version of Godox equipment is sold by one of the best retailers named Adorama. They are situated in New York, USA. Their customer service is excellent. If you’re eyeing their products don’t hesitate, just go for it.

However, in Canada and UK, you are more likely to find the Godox product under the brand name Pixapro. It also lets another Chinese marketing and distributing company, Neewer sell their equipment. This brand doesn’t take part in the manufacturing process.

Godox vs Flashpoint: Which One To Buy?

Now, before diving into further details, let’s have a quick look at their comparison chart.

Factors Godox Flashpoint
Distributor Various company across the world Only Adorama
Location Shenzhen, China New York, United States of America
Product Origin Every gear is Godox-made Sells non-Godox gear as well under Flashpoint brand
Product Availability Parent company, so all products are available under Godox branding Some product has no Flashpoint version
Customer Service Most of the time irresponsive to the complaints Excellent service, highly responsive, and allows for quick replacements
Warranty Doesn’t provide warranties in the USA Provides US warranty

Product Availability

Most of the time when you search for a Godox product on the internet, the equivalent Flashpoint version gear will show up from the Adorama website. But let me tell you, it’s not always a one-to-one mapping.

Some of the Godox gear has no Flashpoint version. For example, some of the Godox AC-powered strobe series are not available in Flashpoint branding but are sold as Godox on the Adorama website, like the DP600III.

Again, not all Flashpoint equipment is Godox-made. They sell products from other manufacturers too using the same brand name.

So, if you can’t find a Flashpoint version you can try ordering the original one from other retailers such as B&H, Midwest Photo, Procam Photo And Video Gear, and Samy’s Camera. Among them, B&H is one of the best retailers with excellent customer service.

Customer Service

Godox is unresponsive towards customer complaints in emails. Most of the users are not satisfied with their customer service. So, if you’re living in America, it’s best for you to buy from USA-based retailing companies like Adorama, B&H, or the other companies I have mentioned earlier.

However, if you ask me to suggest the two most trusted places to get Godox-made products from then I will suggest getting them from the B&H or Adorama. Both of them were founded at the same time, their headquarters are located in New York City. Also, they function similarly, as both of them resell photography equipment across the world.

However, B&H sells the original Godox products whereas Adorama sells the Flashpoint branded version. Same hardware, just different branding.


Depending on the gear, Adorama offers 1 to 3 years of warranty on Flashpoint gears whereas B&H will give you only 1 year of warranty. B&H handles the warranty and everything else in-house through their customer relations department.

Many customers prefer their Square Trade Drop and Spill warranty over Flashpoint one because they sell those warranties but don’t honor for their gears.

Keep in mind that Godox doesn’t offer a warranty for their products in America as their origin is from China. So, if you want a US warranty to go for the Flashpoint versions bearing in mind, they won’t cover the drop and spill warranties.

However, for drop and spill warranty purchase from B&H. Another thing you can do is buy them from Amazon, everything related to warranty and replacement will be handled by them.


Now, let’s come to the Godox and Flashpoint compatibility. As both of them are manufactured by the same parent company. So, modifier for one can work with other.

What is the main buying attraction for most photographers is the complete compatibility throughout the Godox ecosystem. From the remote manual speedlights to the larger cordless TTL, and AC-powered studio strobes all work together perfectly fine.

However, some of the past models of triggers don’t support the new series.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is there any difference between the Flashpoint XPLOR 600 vs Godox AD600?

No, they are the same base flash under different brand names. The Godox gears are getting resold in the USA in the Flashpoint version. So, you don’t have to worry about their compatibility. Any modifier for one will work on the other as long as you are using the suitable mount be it Bowens or Godox.

What is the difference between the Godox AD200 vs Flashpoint EVOLV 200?

Godox AD200 is just rebranded as Flashpoint EVOLV 200 by Adorama. It’s a 200W cordless off-camera flash with an in-built 2.4GHz X-system radio receiver. There is no hot-shoe mount with it which means you will be needing a trigger like the Godox X1T to control it. If you have used AA-powered camera flashes in the past you are bound to get awestruck by its impressive recycling times. The Li-Ion battery allows for 0.01 second recycling time at the lowest power to 2.1 seconds at its full power.

The Bottom Line

So, after reading the full comparison between Godox vs Flashpoint, you can see Flashpoint is the Godox rebrand from the USA-based company Adorama. For warranty and customer support you can buy the Flashpoint version from Adorama, they provide a longer warranty than most other retailers. However, people are far more pleased with B&H’s customer service, and their drop and spill warranty. Or you can buy from Amazon, these things will be handled by them.

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