Webcam Vs. Camera: What is the Difference?

Both the Webcam and the Camera feature a distinct working pattern and features for their users. The fact is, most newbies often make the fault using the Webcam for a professional shoot.

Can a webcam give a professional or commercial shoot? Not at all! A webcam is only suitable for Video Chatting, Zoom meetings or live streaming (perhaps). So why should you use a webcam or a camera? Stay with me from first to last. I will try to share some knowledge regarding this issue.

Let’s start-

Webcam vs. Camera:

A Camera is a hundred steps ahead of a webcam. The camera has High-Resolution Lenses, Wide Apertures, and High Video Quality, etc. Moreover, a camera also can work at various light intensities. On the other hand, the video quality of the Webcam is Choppy with a little bit fizzled.

Let see the characteristics of both the camera and the webcam:


  • It is Portable
  • Runs on Batteries
  • Has a Slot for an external battery
  • Resolution ranging from (average 8-12 MP)
  • Image or video quality is high
  • During streaming gives almost no lagging (If contain in-built Wi-Fi)
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Perfect for any professional shoot
  • Higher Manufacturing Cost


  • Pretty Smaller
  • Don’t need a battery to run
  • Attached to the PC or Laptop
  • Lower quality Image or video compared with the camera
  • No SD card slot
  • Lighter than Camera
  • Resolution is poor
  • Designed to capturing and transmitting the image immediately
  • Perfect for Video Chats Online
  • Low Manufacturing Cost

Why Should You Avoid Webcams?

Many newbie Tubers or bloggers use a webcam to shot the video content for their channel or blog. The Webcam is cheaper and easily accessible than an action camera.

However, though you will find many high-quality webcams in the camera market, offering you a super quality video, the reality is, a webcam is not perfect for your blog sites &YouTube. YouTube or blog site is not a platform where you can post rich content with low-quality video.

Webcams are presently inbuilt with the PC and Laptop. You can also buy them separately. However, most of these webcams are VGA standard. Therefore they give you an Image resolution of 640X 480 like a grainy TV Screen gives. YouTube Channel needs a high-resolution than 640 X 480 to avoid any distortion.

Besides this, you cannot expect a good quality webcam shoot in a low light environment. If you shoot in your room or a low light condition, Webcam cannot give you much quality or artificial light in your video. Shooting by a webcam in a low light area gives you a Dark, Grainy, Invisible image quality for your channel or blog sites. You can get a good video using a webcam if you have enough light in your room.

Webcams also can be efficient for shooting some gaming videos. As gaming video only needs a physical connection of the Webcam with the computer, so you can use your Webcam to get better output for that purpose.

Why You need a Camera?

It would help if you had a camera to shoot a high-quality video. A webcam cannot shoot videos of a group of people or objects. A camera can give you a group of people/objects shooting, which a webcam cannot capture.

Cameras can give both a high-quality image and videos. They are capable of sensing different lighting. According to the various scenes, a camera also can adapt to the different lighting conditions.

The camera also can give you different working modes like the auto or manual mode to shoot in various ways. If you need shooting for a continuous-time, you can select the auto mode of your camera. You also can choose the Shooting mode/Portrait mode of your camera to focus on the object’s face or the background.

Yes, both the camera and the webcam has one similarity in one aspect, if your camera has an in-built Wi-Fi inbuilt with it also can connect with the internet like the Webcam. You can again go for live streaming by both of these. But the problem is the video quality. It will differ far from each other. The webcam will give you again a low-quality video, whereas your camera will proceed your live streaming smoothly without chance of any lagging.

If you are doing a professional video shooting using your camera, you will merely need editing before posting it on your channel/blogsites/or to the clients.

Only cutting some unexpected scene or editing the two editions you may need to edit on the raw video if you have shot it with the camera. But a webcam needs considerable editing. Moreover, after a lot of editions still, it cannot be a good quality video finally. The resolution, the sharpness is all very non-professional totally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much does a good camera cost?

Though a High-end camera can have a high price if you wish, you can good for a used high-end camera as well. However, you will find a different camera in the market with a diverse price range. A camcorder, a mirrorless, or a DSLR camera is now dominating the camera market. Among these three, DSLR is expensive a bit ($200 to $2000).

Which one should I select among Webcam Vs. Camera?

It depends on you. If you want professional video coverage for your YouTube, Blog sites, or other purposes, there is no alternative to using a camera. A camera will give a high resolution with a high-quality video. And for online video chatting or any capturing any social media videos, a webcam is perfect.

Final Verdict:

You can use a digital Camera as a webcam (need separate apps and setting for this). But a webcam never can take place the quality and professional act of a camera. However, you cannot deny a webcam’s value when you are doing a video chat on your PC or Laptop.

Finally, we have come at the end of Webcam Vs. Camera. If you have any asking related to this article, please knock us on our comment box.

Thank you.

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