Know in Details About Types of Camera Stabilizers

A perfect camera stabilizer is one of the must-needed items for a professional look video shooting. You cannot expect to capture an ideal image without this gadget during your outdoor (even some of your indoor as well) shooting.

Whereas a camera shake could be the main obstacle to spoil your multi shots, only a camera stabilizer could prevent getting you down by capturing a more stable and sharper image.

Various camera stabilizers can be found in the camera tools market; if you want to find the better one among them, you need to understand the types of camera stabilizers at first. So, let’s start to learn in detail about camera stabilizer types.

Types of Camera Stabilizer:

Hand-held camera stabilizer, 3 Axis-Gimbal, and the Vast stabilizer system are three types of camera stabilizers available nowadays. You will find different brands are manufacturing varieties of brands and design each of those camera stabilizers. Let’s describe all of the types-

Hand-held Camera Stabilizer:

With a highly functional brushless motor and a super-intelligent sensor, today’s hand-held camera stabilizer can detect a user motion and can reduce it from the camera.

Unlike the 3-Axis Gimbals or the Vest stabilizer, a hand-held camera is less expensive and can hold a more massive camera. A hand-held camera stabilizer is featuring a lighter weight, which acts as more beneficial for professional filming.

So, a hand-held camera stabilizer weighing less than 5 pounds is just perfect as an on-the-go camera gimbal/stabilizer for video shoots. Another most advantage of a hand-held camera stabilizer is, it needs less effort to operate. Moreover, it can tackle any camera shaking very well.

Who Needs a Hand-held Camera Stabilizer?

As this category’s camera stabilizer has a super lighter weight, it can take as an on-the-go camera stabilizer for an action camera for Mirrorless, DSLR, or Camcorders cameras. Artistic travelers with their travel camera can use this stabilizer for a travel video filming.

Three Best Hand-held Cameras:

1. FlyCam HD-3000 Handheld Camera Stabilizer

  • Micro balancing
  • Handle constant dynamic balance
  • Versatile video shooting stabilization

2. Moza Lite 2 Premium Handheld Camera Stabilizer

  • Advanced FOC Algorithms
  • Compact and Lighter
  • Three Operation Module

3. Pilotfly H2 3-Axis Handheld Camera Stabilizer

  • 32-bit Technology
  • Highly ergonomic handle
  • 26 hours of battery support

3-Axis Gimbal:

When you need to capture an object moving through a single axis, this stabilizer is for you. It allows a single-axis rotation of the camera by the holder. A 3-Axis Gimbal camera stabilizer enables the camera to become stabilize even the holder of the camera moving up & down, left & right, or front back. You can enjoy a Pan, Tilt, and Roll Stabilization with a 3-Axis Gimbal camera stabilizer.

Who Needs 3-axis Gimbal?

The video maker who shoots the Snowboarding, Skiing, Playing Basketball, playing other Sports, Millennials, Capturing the pet’s funny moment around the home, Selfie-Lovers, Any Professional Videographers, etc. Moreover, camera users having GoPro and DSLR can use this stabilizer if they wish to have a super stabilization of their camera.

Three Best 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer:

1. HD-3000 Camera stabilizer

  • Quick Release Plate
  • Professional &lightweight
  • Telescopic Structure

2. FeiyuTech a 1000 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

  • Unlimited 360 Degree Auto Rotation
  • Payload up to 1000 gram
  • Run-on Lithium-ion Battery (one full charge gives maximum 5 hours backup)

3. Glide Gear GNS 100 Geranos Stabilizer

  • Duel IMU Sensors allows us to shoot a real-time video
  • Easy-to-use (ready to use just after de-boxing)
  • Efficient Servo Control Algorithm to work more precisely

Vest Stabilizer System:

Vest Stabilizer System offers the videographers a more stable and constant shot reducing the shaky at the footage. This stabilizer has a Vest attachment and the Springs, Iso-Elastic Arms, and Multi-Axis Gimbal with Weighted Sled. Tiffen Steadicam is the branded version of this type of stabilizer system.

Most of this camera stabilizer doesn’t need any battery. These stabilizers are purely mechanical and need user’s physical stress to operate always.

When you set the Vest stabilizer with your professional camera setting (camera, battery Monitor, lens), it becomes too heavy, like 60pounds or more. However, it has a distinguished mechanism to distribute the weight to the Sled/Weighted plate eventually.

Who needs the Vest Stabilizer system?

Vest Stabilizer System actually for more massive camera settings. The high-end cinema videographers need this type of camera stabilizer. Too light-weighted camera users should not use this stabilizer. It may produce trouble in balance adjustment in that case.

Three Best Vest Stabilizer System:

1. Glide Gear DNA 6002 Vest System

  • Expandable for all size camera
  • No need for batteries
  • Include a Hard Case

2. Steadicam AERO 15 Vest System

  • Smooth Operation
  • 7 Inch monitor
  • Too much professional

3. Came-TV Pro Camera Vest System

  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Can handle heavy cameras
  • Offer professional footage

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Does a Tripod and the Stabilizer have the same function?

Both a Tripod and a Camera Stabilizer work to stabilize the camera with a different working pattern. You can use a camera stabilizer even when you are in a walk-through position to capture an object. A tripod cannot be used for such shots. It is a stationary gadget and has to set somewhere to shoot something. There are some tripod style camera stabilizers available in the market; you can go for them.

Does a Smartphone can mount on a stabilizer?

Yes, you can. A hand-held camera stabilizer can hold your smartphone, even an action camera, to stabilize your demand. You can get steadier video footage or still (in some cases) successfully from your phone or action camera, both indoor and outdoor.

Final verdict:

Nobody can keep their hand a hundred percent steady while shooting walk-through or shooting such an object, which is in some action (like moving or vibration).

Only a camera stabilizer is the perfect solution to stop creating the hand shakings or camera shakings. However, learn in detail about all types of Camera Stabilizers, which go nicely with your camera. And finally, turn your amateur photoshoot into butter like smoother one.

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