Best Travel Tripod Under $100 [For Phone & Cameras]

Tripods come in all ranges, but if you manage to find one that meets your camera weight and specifications, then you might as well get them for as cheap as $20. So, if you’re looking for the best travel tripod under $100 and want to know if they are actually worth their bid, then you are the right place.

The thing about inexpensive tripods are, they’re good enough for beginner photographers with entry-level cameras. And what makes a tripod reliable is how sturdy it is, so once you ensure that, you’re good to go.

So, in this article, we will tell you all you need to know about inexpensive tripods and share with you our shortlisted options.

7 Best Travel Tripod Under $100 Reviews

There are so many unknown tripods brands that you shouldn’t trust; hence, this list will help you get an idea of the reliable brands.

1. GEEKOTO 77 Inches Video Camera Tripod

GEEKOTO 77 Inches Video Camera TripodIf you thought you couldn’t get a tripod for your height under $100, then you were wrong. Geekoto is one of the few brands to feature a longer tripod for a much steeper price.

And it has more than its height going on for itself. For instance, it has the 360° ball head that you only see in higher-end products. The head is fluid enough for you to adjust the tilt and rotation as you need.

What makes this even better is you can adjust the height to anything from 24” to 77”. Therefore, if you’re looking for a flexible device to take with you on your various projects, this is a great option.

This isn’t the smallest device, but it’s still compact and easy to carry around. Weighing at only 3.1lbs, this will be perfect for your outdoor expeditions.

What we like even more about this are its multiple uses. It’s a great tripod, but you can even transform it into a monopod and use it for even more diverse pictures. As it is made out of aluminum, this is also plenty sturdy and will fully support your digital camera as it has a load capacity of 24lbs.

👍 Pros:
  • Features a 360° rotating ball head
  • Supports taller users and makes it easier for them to use
  • Height is adjustable to suit a wide range of people
  • Can also be used as a monopod
👎 Cons:
  • Head is made from plastic

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2. ESDDI Camera Tripod 55”/140cm Lightweight Portable Travel Tripod

ESDDI Camera Tripod 55''/140cm Lightweight Portable Travel TripodWeighing at only 2.55lbs, it’s very light and compact. So, if you’re looking for an easy and portable tripod, this will be worth looking at.  But what stands this out is you get this just under $40, making this one of the best budget travel tripods.

We have said before budget devices need to match the capacity of your camera. And lenses sometimes are too much for them as they increase the weight substantially. But with a load capacity of 11lbs, this can also take in the added weight of your lens safely.

On top of that, it also comes with a 3-way pan head that swivels flexibly as you need it to while keeping the camera steady. There is also an optional double hold for when you need more control.

As we have mentioned, it’s the perfect tool for when you’re transporting, the other feature that makes this even better for the outside shooting is it has a quick-release option. The plate makes it easy to move from spot to spot as it can release the camera in a short time.

👍 Pros:
  • Has a reasonable price tag
  • Lightweight and compact to make it convenient to use
  • Quick and easy to transport
  • Good for outdoor with horseshoe feet wheels
👎 Cons:
  • The head might break or crack if not carefully handled

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3. Endurax 66″ Video Camera Tripod Travel DSLR Camera

Endurax 66" Video Camera Tripod Travel DSLR CameraNeed a sturdy and lightweight tripod for your professional camera? The endurax is here to give you the safety you’re seeking. This isn’t the tallest device in the market, and frankly, if you’re looking for the best cheap travel tripod, then you will have to make that sacrifice.

But what it lacks in height, this makes up in build and efficiency. The aluminum body gives this the strength and construction to function stably on any surface or terrain.

If you’re fancying trips to extreme locations, this will be just the right device for you. What makes this even more reliable is the non-slipping rubber feet. So, if stability is a concern of yours, that will be rightly met.

And if you need even further assurance, there’s a weight hook for you to add weight in case you’re in a skidding or sloping surface. Beginners will also appreciate this device for its straightforward use.

For instance, the plate has a universal ¼’ screw that can easily mount your smartphone and camera. This also helps in quick setup and pack up, giving you plenty of time to concentrate on your photo.

👍 Pros:
  • Easy to use and quick to setup
  • Strong construction will ensure longevity
  • Is slip-resistant and firm
  • Weight hook for when added weight is needed
👎 Cons:
  • Loses stability when adjusted at full-height

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4. Fugetek Mini Tripod Table Top Stand and Phone Mount

Fugetek Mini Tripod Table Top Stand and Phone MountIt doesn’t get cheaper or smaller than this. This adorable little tripod is a must-have if you’re a camera enthusiast. But that doesn’t mean it won’t get its job done.  While this is great for video calling and taking selfies, this can also mount your camera and help you to take great group pictures.

The thing we love about this is, it can easily fit anywhere. If you’re traveling, then you can put it in a purse or handbag and carry it with you. The small and compact size makes it one of the most portable devices.

This is compatible with your smartphone and as well as cameras. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t handle the heavy cameras. It will firmly hold on to them and give you stable and quality pictures.

However, if there’s one thing to be warned about, then it’s the built. It wasn’t built for heavy or regular use and might break if not handled with care.

So, if your friend has recently bought a camera, then surprise them with this as it’s also a great giftable item.

👍 Pros:
  • Portable and weighs very little
  • Great for video calling, selfies, and group pictures
  • Works with smartphones and cameras
  • Fits in handbags nicely
👎 Cons:
  • Not the sturdiest device; should be handled with care

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5. Selfie Stick & Tripod Fugetek, Integrated, Portable All-in-One

Selfie Stick & Tripod Fugetek, Integrated, Portable All-in-OneIf you want the best of both tripods and selfie sticks, this is your device. We will tell you right away; this isn’t a device for professional photography. But this is more than plenty for holiday captures for hobbyist photographers.

This serves as a tripod when you need stable and high-quality images but can also be transformed into a selfie stick when needed in selfie mode. You can connect your android or IOS device via Bluetooth and use a remote to capture pictures from a distance.

The stick can easily grip different sized phones with its thumbscrew mount. On top of that, the remote works with some Bluetooth supported digital cameras as well.

What makes this a great travel buddy is when not in use, it can be collapsed to just 19 inches. As a result, you can easily store it. Further, this has a rubber grip handle, which assists in easily carrying it around when you need to.

When you want to capture instances of the environment, use the tripod mode. For added assurance, the feet are rubber coated to prevent skidding and firmly hold onto the device.

👍 Pros:
  • Can be used both as a tripod and selfie stick
  • Bluetooth connected for capturing remote pictures
  • Non-skidding feet makes the tripod sturdy
  • Can be collapsed for storing
👎 Cons:
  • Not for heavier cameras

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6. Phone tripod, UBeesize Portable, and Adjustable Camera Stand Holder

Phone tripod, UBeesize Portable, and Adjustable Camera Stand HolderIn recent years, phone cameras have evolved tremendously and can capture professional-looking pictures when paired with the right set of tools. And that’s exactly what UBeesize tripod will do. Paired with your smartphone camera, this nifty little device will let you capture scintillating photos.

With its crafty octopus legs, you can set it up at any angle you need to capture the best shots. And considering the price, the construction is also pretty standard. With foam and plastic body, this was made to stand steadily on any surface with firmness. This isn’t going to fumble or skid as you place it on difficult terrain because it has the non-slipping feet to place it firmly.

This is recommended for taking group photos and casual environment and landscape photography. Where this really stands out is, even after being a small device, it is compatible with many devices. It supports all smartphones, cameras, GoPro, and even webcams. So, before your next online meeting, to get the most professional look, set this up with your webcam.

Further, controlling the device from a distance is also one of its convenient features. With a wireless remote, you can easily use this from a distance.

👍 Pros:
  • Great for capturing photos from a distance
  • Supports a range of devices
  • Won’t cost you too many bucks
  • Doesn’t slip on surfaces
👎 Cons:
  • Phone holder might loosen

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7. SMALLRIG Mini Tripod for Camera, Updated Desktop Tabletop Tripod

SMALLRIG Mini Tripod for Camera, Updated Desktop Tabletop TripodFor photography, you need to discover unique angles to get the most surprising results. And as a photographer, you will surely appreciate the perspective and angling of this mini tripod. This mini tripod will add on to your skills greatly as you explore the unlimited options this will open for you.

The most endearing feature of this tripod is, it can support 44lbs of weight. This will easily support digital cameras, DSLRs, and even projectors. Made from high-end aluminum alloy, this isn’t just another cheap substitute. It’s sturdy and can firmly stand on any surface.

On top of that, it has a swiveling ball head, to give you amazing angles on your shot. It can take panoramic photos and move to 360°. Further, it also has a professional clamp and plate to give support to your camera. The quick-release feature doesn’t only save time but is also developed in a way to provide smooth functioning so that your device isn’t scratched or damaged.

Finally, the price might seem like a bit much for a mini tripod, but if you want some professional-quality construction and feel to your device, this will be worth the expense.

👍 Pros:
  • Has a solid metal construction
  • Firmly holds on to heavy cameras
  • Rotating ball head can be adjusted in various ways
  • Quickly mounts and prevents scratches
👎 Cons:
  • Pricier compared to other mini tripods

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Buying Guide for Best Travel Tripod Under $100

When you’re buying a travel tripod, you need to consider more than your tripod’s features. You also need to account for its usability and portability. Here are some of the most important features to look for in a travel tripod.

Weight Capacity

If your camera exceeds the weight capacity of your tripod, it will be dangerous to let it wield the camera. You might break both the tripod and the camera. However, entry-level cameras without lenses should be compatible with any tripod.

The Material of the Tripod

While budget tripods are a blend of plastic and aluminum, our recommendation would be to go for as much as aluminum you can get for your budget. Meaning if your budget permits you to purchase a full aluminum-bodied tripod, that’s the one you go for. However, if you’re a casual or hobbyist photographer, then the plastic ones might do the job for you as they can capture steady images but aren’t made to last long.


Tripods for travel need to be of the shorter length 63’’ which is an accepted height for a travel tripod. But for a person of taller build, it might require them to bend more. However, longer tripods won’t make for a good travel companion.

But one thing here to consider is, they come in a variety of types. And in recent years, we are seeing many collapsible legs, which can be stored with ease.

Tripod Head

Sometimes they come with the head or don’t. If you’re confident with your knowledge and skills, then buying separately will give you better control over your setup.

However, for a beginner, we recommend buying ones that include the head.

Head types will also vary when buying tripods. Ball heads are the most popular kind as they provide the most flexibility. It is also very compact and easy to adjust. The knob can be used to adjust it according to preference. Another popular type is the 3-way pan head. It’s most popular among beginners as it is easy to use, and the tilt operation is preferred by beginners.


They usually come with either flip or twist locks. Both are good for stably standing the tripod, but the twist lock is quicker and takes less time to assemble.

Foldable Legs

Tripods that are collapsible or foldable are the best kind to go traveling with as they can be stored in the bag in a compact manner.


Feet of the tripod is important if you’re planning on exploring in different locations. You’d want your tripod to stand firmly on different terrains. So, they need to be skid-free and slip-resistant.

Rubber feet are the most common recently, but metal spikes are still popular for outdoor shooting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of head should I be looking for as a beginner?

If you’re a beginner looking for a budget tripod, you can make do with a basic head. An expensive head will weigh more and might not support the legs either. The ball head or 3-way pan-tilt head should do the job for beginners.

What is the ideal height of a tripod?

The average height of a tripod is around 55″ to 63″. If you’re a taller person, you might want something longer to help your back from straining. But for an average person, anything within this length should be enough.

Do all tripods fit with all cameras?

Some tripods are brand specific, whilst others are more universal. The compatibility also depends on the weight capacity of the tripod. Even after being mounted, if the weight capacity is exceeded, it won’t be a good fit. Your best option would be to take your camera when you buy your tripod to check it.

Final Words

These are our recommended options for the best travel tripod under $100, and these brands are also more reliable when it comes to customer satisfaction.

In this review, we have included tripods for both professionals and hobbyists, so one which is great for professionals might not mean much to casual photographers. So, pick the one that best meets your requirements.

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