Best Camera Backpack for Airline Travel [Top 6 Picks in 2021]

No matter if you capture for profession or pleasure, there’s no substitute to protect your camera. None’s going to tolerate even a meager scratch in their loved lenses, right? That’s why we’ve brought to you the best camera backpack for airline travel.

These awesome camera backpacks will let you protect your cameras. So, you can take awesome snaps forever! You no more have to worry about unwanted knocks, scratches, or elements, if you buy one of these backpacks.

Photographers have to carry many essentials while traveling. And these A-1 camera backpacks make their hurdles easier than ever. In this article, we’ve featured some cream of the crop camera backpacks. Let’s check them out!

Our Recommended Top 6 Airline Travel Camera Backpack

Best for DSLR: USA Gear store DSLR Camera Backpack

Best Convertible: AmazonBasics – Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack

Best for Large Capacity: Lowpro LP36776 Large Capacity Backpack

Best for SLR: AmazonBasics – Holster SLR Camera Case

Best for GoPro: GoPro Casey (Camera + Mounts + Accessories Case)

Best for Compact Camera: Case Logic DCB-302 camera case

What Are the Airline Travel Guidelines for Backpacks?

If you want to lose yourself in the wilderness while capturing, camera backpacks are the safest option. One of the best backpacking destinations requires days of traveling. In that case, nobody wants to go to public transport, right? So, a flight towards your destination is the only way.

Backpacking your camera and accessories isn’t complicated if you know the right way. Let’s tell you how-

  • Make sure that you only pack things that you’re allowed to take with you. Most of the commodities are safe to travel with unless you have flare gun or flammable objects
  • Tighten up all the cords and strap on your backpack.
  • Use TSA- approved padlock to for locking all zippered chambers.
  • Recheck if you’ve taken your SD card, cell phone with you.
  • Don’t forget to attach your name and identity to your backpacks.
  • Check out your backpacks as checked luggage after arriving at the airport.

The Best Camera Backpack for Airline Travel Review

Best for DSLR: USA Gear store DSLR Camera Backpack

USA Gear store DSLR Camera Backpack

Things We Like:

  • Padded chambers (16.5″ x 10.5″) for notebook, laptop, tabs
  • Suitable for Nikon D800, D810, D7200, D4S, D3300, Coolpix P900, P600 and more.
  • Portable as a backpack or sling
  • Includes rain cover, tripod stand, and luggage handle slot

If you’ve been thirsty for a bag with tremendous value, the USA Gear store DSLR Camera Backpack can be the right choice for you. You can carry your cameras, lenses, laptop, and notebooks in this backpack. And it has adjustable dividers for customization.

The tripod foot holder included in it has multiple functions. You can easily carry your water bottle in the tripod foot holder.

If you are looking for the best camera backpack for your DSLR camera, this one can be the best you can ever own. No matter if you prefer two straps or a sling, you can carry by your choice. The waist belt featured in it lets you balance the weight like a boss. The rain cover in it lets you protect your possessions from adverse climate.

The compartments are customizable in colors. You can choose out of multiple shade options. And you can also buy CADeN – Professional DSLR/SLR camera backpack if you’re willing to try a cheaper option with the almost same quality.

Summary: This bag is very lightweight and withstanding at the same time. If you’re unwilling to compromise with your backpack’s quality, buy it without hesitation! 
👍 Pros:
  • Zipper pocket
  • Heavy-duty buckles
  • Luggage handle
  • Travel-ready manufacture
👎 Cons:
  • There’s been a durability issue.

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Best Convertible: AmazonBasics – Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack

AmazonBasics - Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack

Things We Like:

  •  Transforms from wheeled bag to backpack
  • 11 extra configurable compartments
  • Telescopic handle
  • Friendly top holder

AmazonBasics – Convertible Camera Backpack is the best convertible camera bag available in the market right now. It can conveniently transform from a wheeled bag from a shoulder backpack. You can travel with it in every season as it features a rain cover.

If you’re willing to take some spare SD cards with you, then use the extra compartments in it. Worried if you can carry your Macbook for wildlife photography? This amazing backpack for cameras lets you carry up to 17” laptop!

The first thing about this bag is it’s more spacious than any other one! You can take some full-house package in it. The company has added padded shoulder straps for your luxury and secure fit.

This innovative travel partner offers your 11 compartments for laptops, chargers, lenses, and more. The premium quality wheeler ensures mobility and lucid execution. You can’t thank the top handle more as it has simplified handling. AmazonBasics – Convertible Camera Backpack can hold your large DSLR well. The baggage has a special option of luggage ID holder.

Initially, the backpack may seem a bit bulky and unmanageable. But padded shoulder straps and rolling wheels are more manageable than you expect.

Summary: Convertible camera backpacks aren’t something that you buy regularly. So, it’ll be a wise bid to go for the best one. And AmazonBasics – Convertible Camera Backpack is preferred by most of the experts. If you purchase this beautiful creation once, you’ll never look for another one. 
👍 Pros:
  • Suitable for large DSLR cameras
  • Withstands all seasonal adversities
  • Generous storage space
  • Smooth motion
👎 Cons:
  • Straps aren’t friendly for prolonged usage

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Best for Large Capacity: Lowpro LP36776 Large Capacity Backpack

Things We Like:

  • Fits a DSLR with the telephoto lens
  • Lowepro’s ActivLift System harness
  • Ergonomic and adjustable harness
  • Padded dividers

If you are not satisfied with our best choice and looking for a larger capacity backpack for your camera and lenses, then put your hands on this Backpack. This enduring backpack can carry a DSLR camera with a telephoto lens easily. Even you can adjust your spare lens, tripod, and other accessories in it.

This camera bag features a unique Lowepro’s ActivLift System harness. Load lifting has never been this easier. You can personalize it based on your needs. It’ll serve you with optimum support.

Maximum professional photographs have given a thumbs up for this backpack. Lowpro LP36776 Backpack allows you to carry a tripod or a water bottle in the side panel.

We have gathered opinions from the users who have been using this amazing bag by Lowepro for years! The rain cover with it will shield your loving cameras from monsoon or sandstorms. The customizable and padded chambers with a lens collar assure a large kit. The drop-down zipper featured in this A-1 product ensures maximum safety.

While taking loads of accessories, use the front panel to carry them. The duraflex D-rings in it for super-strong attachments. It’s environmentally friendly as well. The D-rings in it for super-strong attachments. It’s environmentally friendly as well.

Summary:If you’re wondering which camera bag will provide you with extra accommodation, Lowpro LP36776 Backpack is the best for 600 AW III lenses. The black body of it will not look dusky or dull even after long-term usage. We can’t suggest you any bag better than this outstanding piece for long lenses. Hurry up and grab this awesome sauce!
👍 Pros:
  • Ergonomic torso harness
  • Padded waist belt
  • Shock-absorbing interior
  • Drop-down zipper
👎 Cons:
  • May not be as exquisite as a high-end, robust piece.

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Best for SLR: AmazonBasics – Holster SLR Camera Case

AmazonBasics - Holster SLR Camera Case

Things We Like:

  • 3 accessory compartments
  • 2 SD card slot
  • Waterproof EVA base
  • Padded shoulder straps

With tons of DSLR camera bags, are you feeling lost while searching for the best SLR camera backpack? AmazonBasics – Holster SLR Camera Case can be your savior. Now carrying your camera with a zoom lens and all equipment is a piece of cake.

AmazonBasics – Holster SLR Camera Case comes with a padded shoulder strap for premium comfort. You can carry it like a shoulder bag without weight imbalance. This mind-boggling camera bag offers you a mind-boggling opportunity of hands-free handling.

If you scour for an SLR camera backpack you’ll find millions of them. But few of them can hold SLR cameras without jerking them. AmazonBasics – Holster SLR Camera Case is one of them. The camera backpack lets you carry every essential commodity that you need to carry without even creating volumes.

And if you’re wondering how are you going to deal with the monsoons, they’ve got your back! The amazing water-resistant EVA base given by amazon basics can be a shield against moisture, water, and shock!

In the customer review section, we’ve found some purchasers finding it a bit bulky. But it won’t feel very heavy if you sling it over your shoulder. You’ll not find any hands-free camera bag within such a cheap rate.

Summary: If you want your SLR camera to fit perfectly in the bag during a rigorous journey, we can’t suggest anything better than this amazing invention. The bag makes sure that your camera, lenses, and other stuff are safe and sound. 
👍 Pros:
  • Fits maximum SLR cameras
  • EVA waterproof base
  • 2 pockets in the front panel
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
👎 Cons:
  • For some people the camera Case isn’t spacious enough

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Best for GoPro: GoPro Casey (Camera + Mounts + Accessories Case)

GoPro Casey (Camera + Mounts + Accessories Case)

Things We Like:

  • Features GoPro rechargeable battery
  • Semi-rigid shells
  • Removable pouch
  • Padded interior

Up to this point, no other brand has taken the effort of creating an out-of-the-world GoPro camera backpack. Thank GoPro Store that made the hurdles of users a bit simpler. If you’re looking for a customized and heavy-duty camera bag for GoPro, bring this one home.

This backpack perfectly fits the GoPro cameras. And you know what? You can put your multiple hero cameras in this GoPro Casey. The divider in it lets you customize the compartment of it.

The wait is over, the famous GoPro Camera case is here! You can put your camera, brackets, and accessories easily in it. The compartments have the eligibility to customize their size depending on what you’re carrying.

The padded interior walls shield your possessions from outer force or obstacles. The water-resistance of this A-1 product will not let any moisture come in. The dark black shade of this body gives it a versatile outlook as well!

GoPro Casey also includes a removable pouch for keeping SD cards, batteries, and other stuff.

Some of the purchasers find it less spacious than other camera bags. As it’s specially manufactured for GoPro cameras, you carry them in it easily. And hero cameras can also be stored in this camera case.

Summary: There’s a huge difference between mainstream camera cases and GoPro camera cases. The brand has made keeping GoPro camera characteristics into consideration. You can never get fed up of this superior invention. 
👍 Pros:
  • Customizable dividers
  • Water-resistant
  • Heavy-duty
  • Budget-friendly
👎 Cons:
  • With a bunch of accessories, it can get a bit cramped.

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Best for Compact Camera: Case Logic DCB-302 camera case

Case Logic DCB-302 camera case

Things We Like:

  • Storage pocket with closure
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Zippered pocket
  • Polyester material

If you want to hit the road with the best compact camera, bring home a Case Logic DCB-302 camera case. This outstanding product is highly recommended by the top photographers. You can use it with every compact and shoot camera.

If you want your accessory arsenal to be safe throughout all your traveling, Case Logic DCB-302 camera case can aid you. It features a premium level shoulder strap that eases you carrying experience like never before.

Whether you like traveling with tons of accessories or meager equipment, this power pact baggage can be your savior. Logical organization and customization are no longer your wilder craving. You can pack your camera bag as you want now. Case Logic DCB-302 camera case has zippered locks that store your Sd card and other stuff. The polyester body has made the backpack more durable.

Even though the product isn’t as durable, it has 10 years of limited warranty. So, you can use it for a prolonged period.

Summary: Case Logic DCB-302 camera case measures 2.6″ x 4.3″ x 1.2″ from the inside. That means the bag is more spacious than you imagine. And if you don’t feel like going for this one, you can also pick Amazonbasics camera cover. It comes premium features at a cheaper rate. 
👍 Pros:
  • Durables zippers
  • Logical organization
  • Ensures comfort and security
  • Easy transportation
👎 Cons:
  • The Shoulder strap isn’t much comfy for a longer period.

Available On Amazon

What to Consider When Buying Best Camera Bags for Air Travel?

No matter if you’re a professional or an amateur, as a photographer, capturing equipment is your most loved possession. And a camera bag plays a major role in protecting their possession. Especially when you have to attend a photoshoot in the wilderness. A top-notch camera bag will let your camera serve you the same quality for years.

There are millions of camera bags with highbrow claims in the market. Which one is worth your riches? How to find yourself the right kind of camera backpack?

Consider these highlighted points below for buying the best camera backpack for air travel.


The main purpose of getting a camera backpack is protecting it from obstacles. Choose a camera bag that has foam padding inside it. The padding will safeguard the camera and drone. Select a bag that has some extra pockets to store your gears and lenses. The bag has to consist of dividers and barriers so that the bag can hold your camera.


If you’re going to travel with all your gear, you’ll need a camera bag big enough. Messenger bags contrarily can safeguard your mirrorless, compact camera. You can also carry multiple lenses.

And if you ’re intended to travel with a big-frame DSLR, go for the bigger baggage. This signifies that the size of your backpack depends on the camera and equipment you’re going to take.


Who doesn’t want a camera bag manufactured from the finest material? Most of the bags available in the market are crafted with synthetic and weatherproof. Some companies prefer using the elements used in bullet-proof vests.

If you’re looking for a cheap and durable option, Canvas bags are a good option. This enduring material will withstand harsh weather as well. Leather camera bags are also trending these days. Even though leather can cost you a bit much, but it’s worth it.


If you think an expensive piece will always serve you with the best, you’re in a bubble. Most of the famous brands ruling the business deliver good services. But you can’t blindly rely on them. Some manufacture increases their price to keep up with the competition.


Even though we call a camera bag, it has to work way more. As you’re going to carry your cell phones, spare memory cards, and your Macbook in it, the bag has to ensure proper security. A bag with a strong zipper, external and internal lock is highly recommended.

What Should I Keep in My Camera Bag?

What do you have in your camera bag? A camera and some lens, of course.

But are they enough? Not really. That’s why we’re here to suggest some essential things that have to be in your camera backpack while traveling.

  • Spare SD Card- You’re just going to click the best capture of your life and your memory card runs out of space. Can anything be worse? That’s why we suggest you take some spare SD cards with you to avoid such disasters. And extra SD cards don’t take up extra space. So why not grab them?
  • Battery- An all-day outdoor shooting will eat up all your battery. Turning off your camera multiple times tends to drain the battery. So, you should always keep spare batteries in your camera bag for facing any adverse issues.
  • Lens- If you’re traveling with a changeable lens camera, carrying spare zoom lenses is a must. Spare zoom lens and backup lenses will help you deal with your work if the prime lens isn’t working well.
  • Mini Tripod- We don’t think carrying a full-size tripod is something practical. Contrarily a mini tripod can work wonder. Everybody knows how essential it is to carry a tripod for shoots.

How to Pack A Camera Backpack for Travel?

Packing your camera backpack in the wrong way can cost you a lot! From managing to take less equipment to defected parts, anything can happen! Now you know why we put so much effort into packing your camera bags. Packing the camera backpack isn’t that hard if you know how to do it properly.

Maximum camera backpacks feature many padded chambers and compartments. Make sure that all your stuff fits properly in those compartments. As the chambers and pockets divide the bag into different sizes, you can carry every smaller or larger equipment. The cameras or the lenses shouldn’t have any scope or move or jerking. Otherwise, you may end up damaging your precious possessions.

Your preference greatly depends on which method you’re going to travel to. The transportation method also affects your packing procedure. If you’re going to take a flight towards your destinations, you need to keep some points in your head-

There is a limitation on how much lithium you can carry. And we all know lithium is the main component of DSLRs. As we’ve mentioned before, don’t forget to take lots of spare batteries.

So, Is Your Travel Camera Bag Ready for Your Next Flight?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I put a camera in my carry on bag?

Yes, of course. Why wouldn’t they be? Just make sure that you pack your camera and accessories as per airline rules.

How the Camera Backpacks were Reviewed?

We’ve researched on customer reviews and consumer reports to review the products. We have also discussed with the professionals for the best suggestion.

Which size camera backpack to buy?

30-40L is the best sized camera backpack you can buy.

What is the top camera backpack?

USA GEAR DSLR Camera Backpack Case is the best in town.

Final Thoughts

No matter what camera you own or what’s your budget, you can always find the right kind of bag with our assistance. In this article, we’ve informed you about the best camera backpack for airline travel. Here we’ve included a detailed buying guide as well.

We’ve been through several brainstorming hours to satisfy you with some right kinds of bags. Shoulder strap bag, holster sling, waist belt-whichever bag you prefer, we’ve mentioned them in this article.

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