SanDisk Ultra vs. Extreme: The Detail Comparison

It is a general question. The SanDisk Ultra and Extreme are well-known memory cards nowadays. Both have some similarities and differences. Here, Ultra is suitable for documenting pictures and videos softy.

Alternatively, Extreme offers the latest technology as well as high speed to store the pictures.

However, a memory card or SD Card is essential to record your lovely images or videos carefully. In this case, SanDisk is one of the leading brands delivering the best memory cards like Ultra and Extreme. If you feel trouble choosing a favorable one, please see our post.

Here are expectable things from basic information to detail comparison of SanDisk Ultra vs. Extreme.

Differences Between SanDisk Ultra vs. Extreme

Though SanDisk Ultra and Extreme both are high-performance memory cards in the same brand, they have many comparing things. Before going to the depth comparison, we present here essential data on this issue.

SanDisk Ultra:

Since 2013, the SanDisk Ultra has been perfectly delivering with the best Secure Digital High Capacity cards. It is ideal for using your digital camera and more. This card offers high-speed data transfer benefits along with good storing capabilities. Also, Ultra is one of the water-resistant and balance temperatures cards. It is also used in gaming objectives.


The data transfer speed of the SanDisk Ultra SD card has up to 80MB/s that is good for users. Alternatively, most of the Ultra card’s write & read speed is a maximum of 30 MB per second. Some 2GB versions have only 15 MB per second.

Storage Capability

Ultra cards come in multiple storage capacities such as 128 GB, 32GB, and 16 GB. It is also able to keep up to 1080p documented video that is sufficient for keeping your essential things.

Perfect for Capturing Pictures

Any standard SanDisk Ultra is the more perfect for capturing pictures or images due to its storage limit. Sometimes you can record simple or short videos if you like.


Another important point is this product’s warranty. Though SanDisk Ultra and Extreme both are similar brand products, they have a little difference in the warranty. However, Ultra cards come with a 10-year restricted guarantee that’s not bad for regular basis works.


Price is a vital fact when you want to buy any product. Most of the SanDisk cards come with an average of $20 to $30 per one.

Further, the SanDisk Ultra is pretty cheap than other memory cards, even Extreme. One of the most expensive Ultra Scardsrd is perhaps $38.

SanDisk Extreme:

SanDisk Extreme is another familiar card that is suitable for videographers as well as photographers. It has large storage capacities. Plus, the Extreme comes with a greater data transfer rate than the SanDisk Ultra memory card. Believe it or not, these types of SD cards have file comeback software. Other highlighted characteristics are waterproof, temperature-proof, and even shockproof.


The data transfer speed of SanDisk Extreme is up to 90MB/s. It’s Ultra DMA technology supports controlling reading and writing speeds as well. The read & write speed is a maximum of 60 MB per second.

So, photographers feel comfortable and do their work without any hassle.

Storage Capability

Extreme is another fantastic card that is able to store videos in 4k Ultra High Definition. Plus, the average storage capability Is 16GB to 256GB, which is enough to record plenty of images or videos. Most importantly, you can use this card for storing any powerful things with ease.

Perfect for Capturing Videos & Pictures

An Extreme has large storage power as well as high speeds so that you can save your enjoyment videos as fast as you need. The 16 GB SanDisk Extreme card’s recording rate is a minimum of 20 MB per second. That’s adequate for storing the HD video.


Another powerful memory card is a SanDisk Extreme also good for its great warranty. The manufacturer offers at least ten years warranty and sometimes a lifetime guarantee. Also, it gives you good customer service.


Ultra and Extreme card’s average costs are the same, we mentioned. But most importantly, some of the high-quality SanDisk Extreme memory cards come with a high price perhaps $100. It’s really expensive but the most perfect for the videographers as well as photographers

Comparison Diagram: SanDisk Ultra vs. Extreme

At this moment, we come to focus on authentic compare and contrast between the two cards Ultra and Extreme by using a comparison diagram.

Descriptions SanDisk Ultra SanDisk Extreme
Storage ability This Ultra is not able to store the largest videos. You can possibly capture 16 GB, 32 GB, and 128 GB. This Extreme offers the highest storage capacity from 16 GB to 256 GB.
Speeds and data transfer rate Downward speeds & rate The hugest data transfer rate & speeds than Ultra.
Suitable for More suitable for pictures and soft videos but not an HD video Perfect for the powerful videos and photos, even HD video
Price/cost SanDisk Ultra SD cards are cheaper than Extreme. This one is a little pricey.
Warranty of products Maximum ten years confirmation. At least ten years and a maximum lifetime guarantee
Essential features Ultra cards are waterproof and temperature-proof suitable for digital cameras. It features water-resistant, temperature-proof, magnet-proof, and X-ray proof.
Others This card is standard for all users. It is standard for professional users.

Which is the Best Choice for You?

Ultra and Extreme memory cards are well-renowned cards in today’s market, we know. Which one is the best?

It depends on your budget, demand, and choice. Ultimately, if you desire to get the highest holding capacity cards, you can go through the SanDisk Extreme. Though it is quite expensive, it is crucial if you are a serious photographer.

Alternatively, if you need to record just necessary pictures or videos, you can turn on the Ultra within reasonable prices.


People who prefer to capture photos and record videos, they know the importance of memory cards. These SanDisk Ultra and Extreme come to deliver the best quality SD cards.

But, what’s the difference between them, we have already confirmed. Now, you can opt-in the desirable one between the SanDisk Ultra vs. Extreme.


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