Fluid Head vs. Ball Head: Which is the Best Choice?

Have you troubled to opt-in the fluid head vs. Ball head? Or which one is precise for you?

These two types of heads come to offer different things, one is more useful for putting together video or photograph, and another is helpful for tough photography.

Here are the accumulation of some crucial data, a comparison table, and more particular things that support finding the best head.

Basis of Fluid Head vs. Ball Head

Firstly, we need to understand the explanation of the fluid head vs. Ball head. See the below.

Fluid Head

Fluid heads are especially useful for creating great videography, YouTube video, and more. It is designed for monopods & tripods. A fluid head aids control in different movements smoothly as well as the camera’s tremor or vibration.

Even its fluid room, along with smooth tracking & video pans features, makes it awesome. You can’t ignore its easy and long-term handling benefits.

Whatever if you are a current digital camera user or other video camera user, you will take proper action with ease by using this head.

Ball Head

Another well-known head is the ball head suitable for users who expect to perform strongly and faster. It supports rotation accurately with your camera. It is highly recommended for the skilled photographer. Ball heads are lighter than others.

These heads are designed using simple but powerful mechanisms. Anyone can use it for advanced photography or more performance. Alternatively, its adjustable system is extremely good, so you can handle multiple cameras without any hassle.

Comparison Table of Fluid Head between Ball Head

Fluid head and ball head are essential for developing some unique things. But, most of the people confused about choosing the true one. So, here is a comparison table finding a better solution.

Definition of compare 

Fluid Head Ball Head

Suitable for

YouTube video making, photography

Advanced Photography

Cost of products

Less expensive

Little pricey

Set-up camera

Multiple angles

Straight forward

Space sizes

Larger spaces

Less sturdy

Useable capacity It can’t be used for regular photography.

It is used for a regular and professional photographer.

More About: Fluid Head vs. Ball Head

The comparison table is not enough for choosing the right one head. That’s we discuss more the Fluid head vs. Ball head.

Fluid Head

Product Details:

The fluid head is also identified as a video head. Most of the fluid heads have to balance camera plates, which are designed using the quick-release equipment. That’s why users can separate their camera from the head as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, ultimate fluid heads give you the perfect pan and tilt video heads where pan maximum 360° as well as tilt 90° enough for good performance.

Some of the heads come to introduce a great counterbalance together with easy controls. On the other hand, you also see some of the lower balance fluid.


It comes with some exclusive features that help you to start and stop your movements without any hassle, just with suitable. Highlighted features are such as:

  1. It allows you to perform smooth pans without any jerkiness. And, its camera setting system is adjustable. So, you keep your balance at any angle.
  2. The fluid head provides suitable oil material for making drag.
  3. This head comes with a longer handle for supporting easy movements. Plus, it is able to work fast within the heavy camera.
  4. Another outstanding feature is its adjustable panning and tilting capacity that aids in performing to avoid tension.

Average Price/cost:

There are available fluid heads with different prices and several pans or tilt heads nowadays. Their hydraulic damping strategy aid to smooth activities.

Typically, price depends on product quality and performance. Fluid heads come with a reasonable $100 price to advanced model $1000+ expenses. Which one is great for you, depending on your budget.

Ball Head

Product Details:

The number of ball heads offers an excellent set-up process and body movement benefits that depend on product quality or brand. Plus, some are highly recommended for maintaining jerky activity.

You feel comfortable for the product’s rubber knob coatings that are effective.

Further, the standard heads are perfect for controlling interchangeable balance.


There are many highlighted features of these ball heads that help to fulfill your target points. It is quite straightforward. Now, we present here some unique features.

  1. This kind of head is very easy to use and hold your camera tightly.
  2. It is adjustable to maintain any difficulty moving around the head.
  3. A ball comes with a simple design.
  4. Its feature quicker to manage in photography strategy is more effective.

Average cost:

Generally, the service and brand are important to fix the product cost or price. The high-quality ball heads are expensive so that professional photographers love to use them. No worries, if you want to get it at a reasonable price. From less than $100 to more than $200 are available on the market.

Strengths and weaknesses of Fluid head vs. Ball Head

Strengths of Fluid Head The weakness of Fluid head
  1. It is the right choice for a smooth movie or picture-making.
  2. This one gives you a larger handle.
  3. Its pan is capable of controlling the jerky situations.
  1. Less composition system.



Strengths of the ball head The weakness of ball head
  1. It is standard for photography.
  2. Easy to adjust any camera.
  3. They come with simple designs.
  1. Little difficult to control.

Which is the Best Choice for You?

These two heads are more willing to create pictures or photography. Which one is the best? It depends on your demand, budget, and using reason.

If you want to use it as a professional photographer regularly, you can select a ball head. Alternatively, if you desire to utilize head for generating video, you will turn on fluid heads.


We have shown all the necessary accurate evidence about this topic. Be sure you can easily find the suitable one from the Fluid head vs. Ball head.

Now, enjoy your activities!

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