Gimbal vs. Tripod- Which Stabilizer Do you Need?

Film making is outstanding creativity, and It would be best if you have more passion, a sense of light or shade, etc. Right?

But before that, you need to shoot or take some crystal clear snaps of your content without any blur. How can you do it?

Many accessories can help you get eye-dazzling footage; Gimbal or Tripod are among them. But Do you know, Gimbal vs. Tripod, which one is best?

Well, Gimbal allows us to take a more stabilized and smoother video by reducing the overall weight of the camera. On the contrary, Tripod offers you high-quality output at even faster shutter speed.

Still in doubt? To help you out, in this article, we will try to focus on the comparison between these two accessories. Here we start:

Gimbal vs. Tripod – What Are the Differences?

First of all, let’s get an idea about Gimbal and Tripod. Newcomers may get puzzled with these two.


Gimbal is a tool to support and stabilize a camera. This tech uses motors and Artificial intelligence sensors to hold the grip. Gimbal is the digital kind of mini stabilizer.

They use a sophisticated motion sensor to detect involuntary shaking or intentional movement. So in a word, we can say if you want to stabilize your camera, use a Gimbel.


Tripod is a folding stand with three legs. That’s why it is called Tripod. Tripod I’s a life savior for many wildlife photographers.

You can fix your camera or even Gimbel to get a good quality picture. We use Tripod Whenever we want a still image of any objects.

Neither a Gimbel nor a tripod is the best alone. If you want a Marvelous picture, then you need to use two of these.

Despite being a substitute for one another, there is a Lil bit of functional difference between them. If you have funds to buy only one option, then you can look here.


Gimbals are convenient for natural movement. It will help to remove accidental shake.

But using a tripod is relatively safe. You need to fix it in a suitable place and get comfortable. But Tripod can not protect the blurry effect. So be aware of it.

Types of Shot

Gimbal vs. tripod debate get a strong point here. In this particular aspect, these two differ from each other. You can consider them as south and north pole.

Gimbal is best for shooting any documentary work because with this, you can move quickly and is also flexible. If you are a blogger or social media influencer, then you can go for a gimbal. It is money-worthy.

But Tripod will create a hassle if you go for documentary work or interview purposes with it. They need more space and proper lighting, and sometimes it gives you a blurred output.

Maybe you will be satisfied with a shaking image of your favorite icons. If you want to be the master of using Tripod, you will need to do more practice.

It would be best if you also had a camera with high resolution and autofocus capacity. They are perfect when you use wide lenses to shoot.


An average tripod weighs more than a portable gimbal. Shooting with a gimbal for a long time CNN be monotonous. Tripod will give you the ease of shooting.

Perhaps, Tripod doesn’t need to resetting or charging. It is free from any of these. If you go for outside shooting with a Gimbel, then take power bank and you because Gimbel needs change frequently.

And try to keep a back up of your videos. If you reset the Gimbel, all the unsaved files may be removed.

Video Quality

As we use DSLR with Tripod, we can get an HD quality video than the one shoot with a gimbal. Though Gimbal has lots of advantages, it cants work in medium light.


You can capture pictures by your DSLR without the help of Tripod. But there is no alternative to a gimbal. Gimbal has a vast range of sliders, jibs, and dollies.

Wide Variety of Motions

 With a gimbal, you will get a variety of actions. Gimbal is designed with the various axis. Wherever if you want different angel or movements from a tripod, it is just impossible.

Vertical Movement

A gimbal generally has three axes, and they are-

  • control are pan,
  • tilt, and

But these three options cant vertical control movement, which means Gimbal can catch any vertical direction you do; these can be walking, jumping, swimming, etc. These will affect your image quality.

Gimbals are providing a swimming motion too. It is usually a kind of floaty movement though it is not very eye soothing to watch.

As Tripod is a stand basically, so you cant expect many versatile features from this tech. These accessories just help the DSLR to move or create a flexible balance.


Certainly, you will not pay for a new technology that you cant not operate or if this doesn’t meet up with your choice. Gimbals are portable, easy to use, and you need to choose a long-term project.

There you can edit and get a wide range of updated features; the tripod cant provides you all these.

Final Remarks

Well, there is no crystal clear winner in the comparison of Gimbal vs. Tripod. Therefore, it’s better to consider your needings and understand which can be suitable for you.

So, what do you think? Which one is the best? Let us know by commenting below!


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