Where & How to Hide a Spy Camera. 12 Best Ideas

Now a day, many conventional usage materials and silly objects are being used to hide a spy camera; people usually could not think even all of them.

A spy camera on the belt buckle onto the identity card has become a very fashionable pattern of using the spy cam now a day.

However, there are various types of spy cameras, pens, clocks, smoked detectors, buttons, etc. are best among them. Many often, a spy camera is termed as a pinhole camera as well.

The topic made me write today is how to hide a spy camera. So here I go-

Hide a spy camera in your home:

If you want to hide a spy camera in your home, there a lot of areas where you can hide this camera. Your house consists of several segments (like your bedroom, your kids’ room, or in any other place).

At the first pick, the room where you have to hide your camera, then pick the spot which has plenty of sights, a wider angle to capture a considerable space.

This spot should able to play an appropriate camouflage for the camera or camera containing objects from others.

1. Mirror:

Room mirror with a pre-installed spy cam is one of the most efficient ways to hide a spy cam. However, if you want to set a spy camera at your room mirror, set a two-sided mirror at first, take professional assistance, and set the cam.

2. Wall clock:

Hiding the spy cam on the wall clock can coverage a more comprehensive place. You can set a spy camera in your wall clock. You also can buy a wall-clock featuring a spy cam in-built with it. Moreover, if you hide the camera on a particular spot of the wall and keep the clock on over it, it will efficiently work.

3. Curtain Rod:

A wall or ceil mounted curtain rod also can be an appropriate place to hide your spy camera. A curtain rod can act as the perfect camouflage for a motion detector spy camera.

As they set almost 10 feet higher from the floor, it’s a better spot to spying anyone moving in that room.

4. Painting:

Painting offers a vast range of angles to capture a full area. Hiding a spy camera on the paint or the frame of the color is a great way to spy anyone.

5. Smoke detector:

Provably it is the most convenient and efficient spot to hide a mini spy camera. A smoke detector with an in-built spy camera is very common now a day.

If you cannot set a spy cam on your smoke detector, take some professional help to install a tiny spy camera at your home or at your office.

6. Television:

You can hide a spy cam both on an old modeled TV set or a Flat Screen TV set. In the old model TV, use a screw camera or a Miniature Spy Camera and hide your camera by replacing any screw or inside of any spare portion of your TV.

You can use your TV antenna to hide the cam as well. Purchase one indoor antenna assembled with a hidden spy camera from a reputed brand.

7. Table lamp:

A table lamp is also another efficient place where you can hide a spy camera very quickly. A pre-installed table lamp having a hidden spy cam is fully functional and capable even.

8. Switchboard:

A wall socket can easily hide a screw or pinhole camera onto them. Once you have installed a pine hole or screw cam at your wall socket, use a double switch plate to secure the hiding activity.

9. Other Electronic devices:

Any other electronic gadgets like your PC, Audio system, or even your phone or laptop charger, you can hide a mini spy camera easily to cover a broader range of areas.

10. Different Home appliance:

Different home appliances like an air conditioner, cabinet, freezer, refrigerator, disposals, etc. are some common types of home appliances where you can hide a spy camera to spy on your target person.

Only you have to be ensured, you have covered a wider angle and a sharp line of sight from the hidden spot.

11. Inside a Fake plant:

A fake plant inside a living room or a study room can play an excellent camouflage to hide a spy camera. In the mess of the artificial plants, even nobody can assume that there would be a hidden camera is existing! However, set the plant in a room corner to obtain better efficiency.

12. Room wall:

How to hide a camera in a wall is a common question; many of our customers often ask us. You can hide a spy camera in many portions of your wall.

There are plenty of scopes to hide the camera at your room wall. You can find any efficiency amongst them. Moreover, covering the spot with some artificial craft after you have set the camera also can great also.

Hide a spy camera at outdoor:

You can hide your spy camera at your home outdoor also. A birdhouse, pet house, any PVC pipe setting, camouflaged painting, at any bushes &plants, etc. can be an excellent point to hide your spy camera at outer your home.

Besides these, a place under the eaves, at any plain sight, at any walkway, at the front corner of your garage, at your backyard, you can hide the camera potentially.

Hide a spy camera at your office:

Every object placed in an office room; you can use it to set the spy camera. Office objects like flower vas, sow piece, table/wall clock, file, cabinet, tissue box, chair, table, photo frame, book, bookshelves, PC, keyboard, all can use to hide the camera.

Moreover, you can hide your camera at the storage box or even at the dustbin as well. However, don’t exclude the room wall, room ceiling or door corner from your office objects list where you can hide the camera.

Final verdict:

So, it’s all about how to hide a spy camera. If you think you are working with a suspicious business person or some of your family member is doing some wrong with you secretly, you don’t need to trust them blindly.

Just stop their free access to your business area or your home indoor, outdoor. Set a spy camera at the most suspicious area and see what happens in the absence of you!

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