How to Get Steady Hands During Your Photography. Solution to Reduce Handshaking

At the clicking moment to capture any desired moment, if you unknowingly shake your hands, it may impact on your image to make it blurred finally.

Many professional photographers generally usage a tripod to avoid such type of handshaking while taking the snaps. However, if you can’t use a tripod always, then what should you do?

Using the tripod is not only the solution to reduce handshaking during your photography, but hence you can do some other things to get rid of this problem also.

So, what are the deeds which can give you a steady handheld of your camera while you are going to capture any moment? Let’s describe how to get steady hands for a perfect click of your loving objects!

Ten ways to get a steady hand:

Here I have included ten most essential and efficient ways to make your hand steady during your camera during a click.

1. Make a perfect position of your body:

A perfect body positioning of the photographer can help to take a static photo shot. Stand by spreading your both legs to make a stable body position based on your leg and ankle.

It is an essential thing every professional photographer knows very well. If you stand to keep both legs close to each other, this position can force your body to sway and wobble, making it finally unstable.3

2. Correctly place the camera:

Though this process depends on the camera size, you can follow some tricks here. If you are using a DSLR camera, try to keep both your arm close to your body, holding the camera firmly.

Placing the lighter camera in such a way helps the photographer to use the viewfinder of the camera in a stable position.

While you are capturing an image using a camera, your body is the center of gravity in that case.  If you place your camera far from your body, you have to face more gravitational force to make a steady and stable position.

3. Lock your elbow:

It is a more professional tip. Brace your both elbow on your body. Make sure your right hand is placed enclosing the Grip, and the left hand is under the lens.

You don’t have to stay in such a position for a long time. Be steady only for some time so that you can capture the perfect moment without any hand sacking.

4. Take a steady breath:

Stopping your breathing while clicking the moment or object, you may become blue, and it may be difficult for you to capture the next snap. For a shake less hand-holding, you need to take a breath smoothly steadily.

If you try to hold your breath for the present shot, after a while, you will grasp for inhaling air, which will cause more shaking for the next shots. However, many professional photographers can hold their breath for a couple of shots, which gives them some fantastic output.

5. Brace Yourself:

Try to lean your body weight on surrounding objects as much as possible. Like you can brace yourself against any Heavy Tree, Pillar, Wall, Lamppost, Door, or Heavy wood Shelves to leave your body weight onto them.

If you can brace yourself in such a way, it will help you to make a stable body position prominently, reducing your handshaking.

6. Brace the camera:

You may wonder how to brace your camera for taking a steady image. However, it is a pretty simple way.

As you have braced yourself to lean your body weight on around objects, you can also brace your camera on some solid objects (like a tree, top of the car, a steady fence, etc.).

It will make your camera more constant and make you both hands more flexible. Ultimately it will give you a steady hand for clicking the object.

7. Sit down:

Knees are more shakes less than the hands. So, if you are using a long lens on your camera, you can sit down on the ground and can place your camera onto your knees.

Sitting on the ground and making your camera resting on your knees will offer you to take some steady clips ideally.

8. Use a tripod:

Using a tripod is the most impressive solution to avoid shaking hands for each snap. A professional photographer is loved with a tripod to capture a steady snap.

However, if you cannot bring a tripod along with you can follow the upper instructions for a steady clip.

9. Focus on your shutter speed:

A shutter speed of the camera is inextricably linked with the content of the image. And by playing with this shutter speed (checking the perfect gear for a steady click), you can get a constant shot smoothly.

A tripod can separate the shaky things from your camera. So even in a slow Sutter speed, it will work for taking a perfect snap.

However, if you wanna capture a moving bird, or wanna capture image form a running helicopter, you have to increase your Sutter speed so high so that you could match the running object to catch it by your camera lens.

10. Does your camera have an Image stabilization technique?

If your camera has an in-built image stabilization feature, you can slow the shutter speed and camera vibration even when you are operating your camera by your hands.

Image stabilization is such technology can reduce the blurredness of your image, which creates due to the shaking of your camera.

This feature can determine how it could able to make steady the image while you are capturing it even with a shaking hand.

Two types of image stabilizations are available now a day—Digital and optical.

However, Optical image stabilization is a mechanical way to make a steady image through the OIS sensor adjustment.

Final verdict:

An image can be blurred for various reasons. It may be due to improper lighting, and extra zooming along with handshaking while clicking the shutter.

However, to reduce the handshaking while clicking the shutter, you need to practice more regularly with your camera.

This is all about how to get steady hands to get a sharp image of your loving objects.

Hopefully, all these tips I have included in this article, really going to help you to resolve your problem.


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