Best Portable Lighting Kit for Photography in 2021

As a professional, you already have main lights. But having a portable one can give you some advantages. It is also an affordable and practical option for a beginner. But only the best portable lighting kit for photography can meet your requirements.

Because low-quality cheap LEDs don’t have enough brightness, battery backup, or longevity. However, finding the right one with decent quality is a time-consuming task.

Don’t worry; I have done the research for you. The review section below has 9 products so that you don’t go home empty-handed. Without any more delay, let’s get started.

At A Glance: Take a look at My Top 5 Portable Lighting Kit for Photography:

3000-5600k, 100W, compatible with V-mount batteries, rollable, flexible and waterproof, easy to carry, 504 pieces high quality and small LED lights

180-degree adjustable, 66 Pieces energy-saving, 4 color filters, foldable, lightweight, portable made of ABS, stable tripod

RGB full color, hue range 0-1530, up to 16 million combinations 2500-8500k, built-in 7.4V 3300mAh rechargeable lithium battery, 7075 aluminum alloy housing

Weighs only 0.74lb, hot shoe adapter included, 9 color modes, 12-level brightness, maximum 1000 lumens, built-in 7.4V 2600mAh

Two 6” LED tabletop lighting with stand, 3 Light Modes, 11 Brightness, foldable stand, capable of continuous shooting

The 9 Best Portable Lighting Kit for Photography Reviews

Without proper lighting, it is impossible to get the shot you have in your mind. Also, finding a portable one is important for those who are taking shots on the run. Read the reviews below and you would find a suitable product that meets your needs.

1. FalconEyes RX-18TD – Waterproof LED Light Suitable for Outdoor and Versatile Uses

Highlighted Features
  • With a maximum power output of 100W, its color temperature ranges from 3000K to 5600K.
  • It is compatible with V-mount batteries to be used outdoors.
  • The lightweight LED light is foldable, waterproof, and easy to carry.
  • A total of 504 high-quality LEDs ensures more than 95 CRI.
  • Centralized control option managing up to 4 lights at once.

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FalconEyes RX-18TDWhat would you do when you need to fly without making the photography package too heavy? I have selected FalconEyes RX-18TD for its lightweight feature, flexible design, waterproof housing, and bright light.

By looking at the product, the first thought on your mind would be about the complexity of its setup process. Indeed, it takes some time but setting it up a few times would make you more efficient. Furthermore, I don’t like the quality of its plastic cable connector.

Apart from that, you will be astonished by seeing how bright and good-quality these LEDs are. In case of your previous experience with the KinoFlo LED light, you will be able to make a comparison and see how it performs.

Now, let’s talk about the battery backup capacity. The package doesn’t contain one which means you have to buy separately. A V-mount battery can easily get mounted to the back of the power controller.

Do you think that controlling brightness, color temperature painful as it is not attached to the panel?

You can buy a remote control and solve the problem in no time. The controller is capable of connecting up to 4 lights and control them centrally.

Summary: Overall, it is a great value product with useful features and a design suitable for versatile uses. If you are looking for a waterproof and foldable lighting kit, this will be the best bet for a very reasonable price.

2. Neewer Portable Photography Lighting Kit – Popular for Table Top Applications

Highlighted Features
  • It is a mono-color LED light and comes with 4 different color filters for special effects.
  • The latest version has SMD LEDs which ensures low heat output and less energy consumption.
  • With its extra-long power cord, you can run it with a power bank, or any USB AC adapter.
  • Using its tripod, you can mount it up to 16 inches above the surface.
  • Its lightweight and compact design make it highly portable and operable holding in one hand.

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Neewer Portable Photography Lighting KitFor multiple uses LED lighting sets, it is hard to find a better match of this one from the famous Neewer. The kit comes with very useful items that include diffusers, filters, and tripod stands. What I like about the tripods is that you can use them as monopods too.

The ¼” screw hole makes it compatible with different mounting options. The mounting options are adjustable at maximum angles so that you can set them up as you need.

As the lights are powered through USB cables, you can use your laptop, a 5V adapter, or a power bank to turn them on. These are specially made for small product photography.

The LED light bulbs are superior in quality which makes them flicker-free even at low brightness levels. The maximum power output of the light is 10 watts.

Because of its simplistic design, you have to manually change the filters for different color effects. Always keep the white filter on which works as a diffuser. After that, put on other colors on top of the white one.

Summary: Those who are looking for small lighting kits that are compact and lightweight should get this pack of 2. You would love its design simplicity which makes it reliable and durable at the same time.

3. RGB Video Light Led Panel – Most Powerful Pocket-sized Lighting Kit

Highlighted Features
  • The RGB full-color LED has a wide 0-1530° hue range.
  • It has several adjustable features that can support up to 16 million colors.
  • With CRI 95+, the light offers adjustable color temperature ranging from 2500K to 8500K.
  • 3300 mAh rechargeable lithium battery can support for a long time.
  • It is a compact and lightweight light with durable aluminum housing.

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RGB Video Light Led PanelAfter knowing about the amazing performance of the top pick, I was looking for another impressive lighting kit. Fortunately, I found this one from Fotowelt which is one of the most powerful compact RGB lights with amazing backup time.

Under an 8500K and full brightness setting, it can assist you for up to 3 hours. The reasons are its big battery size and energy-efficient LEDs. A total of 150 pieces of diodes are capable of ensuring a wide range of hues for different and accurate color effects.

The light comes with a nice small and secure casing. You can carry it around wherever you need without worrying about damages. The light has an LCD panel on the back and a matte-finish built-in diffuser on the front. Using the buttons and display, you can adjust the hue, brightness, and saturation level.

It is an insanely bright LED with very useful features and specs. However, I think that adjusting the settings is not quick. Only content creators who have the time to set up things should go for this one.

Summary: Those who are looking for RGB small yet powerful lighting kits can get this one. You should not choose it if need an on-the-go operable LED light.

4. Hagibis RGB Handheld LED Video Light – Light Wand Stick with Remote Control Specs

Highlighted Features
  • It is a lightweight light wand stick with 9 different colors.
  • Color and brightness are adjustable using a remote control from up to 7 meters distance.
  • This 1000 lumens light has a color temperature ranging from 3200K to 5600K.
  • The built-in 7.4V 2600 mAh battery can support up to 120 minutes at full brightness.
  • Its standard nut hole and hot shoe adapter make it compatible with different mounting options.

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Hagibis RGB Handheld LED Video LightAt this point, I was eager to get a light that is lightweight, portable, and can be controlled using a remote controller. After some research, I found this one from Hagibis that can give a sort of Star Wars feel.

The stick wand is capable of providing up to 9 colors with enough brightness. What you would love are the versatile mounting options specs, a good battery backup time, and remote control that works up to 7 meters distance.

It has a durable and protective aluminum housing. The back also works as a ventilator besides providing the necessary structural strength.

You can either hold it or mount it on a stand using its ¼” screw hole for mounting. The package includes a hot shoe adapter so that you can mount it taking right out of the box.

Summary: Like the previous one, this one is also a very supportive tool for the content creators. As a background light and creating a special lighting effect, you can certainly go for this lighting kit.

5. Emart 6” LED Ring Light – Great Option for Small Item Photography

Highlighted Features
  • It is a simple USB-powered table top kit with only 3 lighting modes.
  • The tripod stand easily gets folded for compact and easier storage.
  • There is a total of 11 different brightness levels to choose from.
  • You can use it with a power bank, or even a laptop.
  • The 6” ring light is suitable for lots of tasks besides photography.

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mart 6'' LED Ring LightThe list of unique lighting kits continues with this 6” ring light from Emart. It comes with a 79” USB cable that would allow you to power the LED using your laptop, mobile phone charger, or power bank.

Controlling its modes and brightness is easy as the controller is in the middle of the long cable. You can get to choose from 33 different options for the right kind of environment.

Its package contains a foldable tripod stand so that you can use it taking out of the box. It is a durable and reliable light but I don’t recommend it using outdoors. Because the intensity and brightness are not enough.

Summary: The only application of this ring light is on the tables or hard surfaces. For continuous photography of small objects, it can be a great and affordable option. You should consider the specs for this product when it comes to photography, makeup, or mobile photography.

6. RALENO LED Video Light Specs – Recommended for Its Dual Power Design

Highlighted Features
  • Adjustable brightness, and color temperature ranging from 3200K to 5600K.
  • The Bi-color LED can ensure more than 95 CRI.
  • The package comes with a 4000 mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Its HD LCD lets you quickly and easily adjust different features.
  • The light can be mounted on DSLRs, camcorders, tripods, and light stands.

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 RALENO LED Video LightLighting is the most important part of filming and this panel light from Raleno can provide the necessary exposure. As it can operate using either the battery or direct AC line, lots of photographers find it a very convenient and portable option.

Regarding the quality of the light, you will like the fact that it comes with a light diffuser. So, there’s no need for buying or attaching additional items. Also, you can see the color temperature and CRI ratings from the features which are above average.

Recent specs show that it comes with both DSLR compatible and regular tripod type mounts, you can rely on its portability. For controlling the settings, there are dials and buttons on the back of it. Also, there is a screen that is not touch-responsive.

Despite all the good things, you should know a fact before making the final decision. The LED light comes with a built-in battery limiting the backup to a certain level. If you want more backup, it won’t be possible which is not the problem for the top pick.

Summary: Photographers who want bi-color lights with a versatile mounting option, this is the most adored option. A good battery backup and an easily controllable knob are the reasons I recommend it to others.

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7. Emart Photography LED Continuous Light – Budget Model for Tabletop Studio

Highlighted Features
  • The light has 12 LEDs that can provide up to 600 lumens and 90+ CRI.
  • With its 5500K high output, you can do photography in a clean environment.
  • Its head swivels 180-degree making it perfect for setting at your suitable angle.
  • The package includes gel filters so that you can get special effects.
  • You can power it up from a direct 120V line which makes it perfect for indoor photography.

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Emart Photography LED Continuous Light Lamp 5500KHere, I have got another popular and useful lighting kit that is suitable for backgrounds. Some previous models have USB power options leaving them only operable through 5V lines. But this one is different because you can plug it in the wall socket as the adapter is capable of handling 120 volts.

Now, please don’t think that you can only use them as background lighting options. Because the package contains several gel filters that work as diffusers. For product photography and the requirement of continuous shooting, you can consider this one.

It comes with a foldable tripod that can elevate the LED light up to 10.2 inches from the tabletop. With its 180-degree beam angle, there will be no shadows. Each of the housing contains 12 LEDs and the package has 2 lights.

Though it is for continuous shooting, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend keeping it on for more than an hour. Also, you should disconnect it while changing the gel filters for safety concerns.

Summary: Are you on a very tight budget? You can check out and consider this set of 2 from Emart seriously. From tabletop to studio photography, it fits most of the requirements.

8. VILTROX L116T Key Light LED – Bi-Color Lighting with Easy-to-use Controller

Highlighted Features
  • VILTROX L116T – This bi-color LED light has a color temperature range from 3300 to 5600K.
  • VILTROX L116T – You can easily carry this lightweight and compact lighting kit in your bag.
  • VILTROX L116T – On the back, there is a bright LCD screen to easily control the setting.
  • VILTROX L116T – It has a color rendering index of more than 95 which makes it usable outdoors.
  • VILTROX L116T – The Li-ion battery can provide up to 2.4 hours of backup at maximum brightness, and it is sold separately.

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 VILTROX L116T Key Light LEDBesides the top pick, viltrox l116t specs includes: I like this one for its bright light, easy-to-use settings on the back, and a built-in honeycomb diffuser surface. Its slim design and compact size make it highly portable.

The brightness control ranges from 20% to 100%, and you can adjust it by simply turning the knob. The package includes a hot-shoe adapter and the panel has a standard screw hole so that you can mount it on DSLRs, camcorders, or other devices.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that can support a considerable amount of time. You can also turn it on via an AC adapter but the manufacturer sells it separately.

Summary: From product photography to filming, this portable lighting kit is an all-rounder with reliable performance. A full-brightness backup time of 2 hours is also a good factor that led me recommending this portable battery-powered photography lighting kit.

9. Lume Cube 2.0 – Suitable for Mobile and Drone Photography

Highlighted Features
  • This professional-quality light has a color temperature of 5600K with 95+ CRI.
  • Easy brightness control with 10% increments can create a suitable photography environment.
  • The durable and waterproof housing can make it work even under 30 feet of water.
  • The lightweight and compact design make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses.
  • You can take advantage of its DSLR mount, softening diffuser, and warming gel.

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Lume Cube 2.0For its daylight-balanced 5600K color temperature, and CRI rating over 95, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. The strong aluminum case gives it the necessary strength to keep it safe in case you drop it.

Because of its 80-degree beam angle and multiple diffusers, you can get the same effects as the full-size lights listed above. All of those features make it perfect for even drone photography.

You might be wondering how to control the brightness from a distance. Well, it comes with Bluetooth compatibility, and you can take its full advantage using the Lume-X app. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Another reassuring fact is that the light is waterproof surviving up to 30 feet deep underwater.

Furthermore, it includes a powered that can be recharged using a USB-C cable. For its small size, the portable battery can’t ensure enough backup time.

Summary: What I have here is a cute and small LED light for mainly mobile and DSLR photography. This is an expensive compact lighting kit for photography but worth the price for its versatility and portability.

What to Consider Before Buying The Portable Lighting Kit for Photography?

There are few important factors that you should consider before ordering one from the list. Also, the discussion below will help you know about the right kind of portable lighting kits that are suitable for photography.


First and most important of all, think about where you are going to use the light. If it is in the outdoors with chances of rain, you must buy the top pick of my list. For indoor photography, there are other portable models. Some are offering RGB powered lighting, and some are only for background uses or product photography.


As we are talking about portable models, being lightweight is one of the most important characteristics that the kit should have. If you look at the selected models, you will notice that the products are compact, don’t weigh much, and can be stored in a small bag.


Being water-resistant is optional because not all portable lights are used outdoors. Only the expensive top pick has the waterproof feature.

Color Temperature Range

Most of the kits on the list are capable of providing a wide color temperature. However, check whether it can produce 3500K to 4000K because it is considered to be close to natural light sources.


CRI or color rendering index ranges from 0 to 100, and close to the highest number means its capability of accurately rendering colors. The standard rating is 80 but one shouldn’t accept anything less than 95 as photography is very picky about powered lighting.


Not all lights for photography comes with a built-in battery. Some get power directly from the wall socket, and some from USB power sources. The ones that have USB cables also accepts power banks.

So, you have different options to choose from and select the one that is the most suitable for your setup. Here is a link for a V-mount power that can power up almost all kinds of portable LED lights.


For photographers, ensuring sufficient light is one of the biggest challenges. Also, portability becomes another major issue when the job requires one on the run all the time.

Keeping those requirements in mind, I think that FalconEyes RX-18TD is the best portable lighting kit for photography for its versatile usability, flexibility, and powerful output.

However, there are other less expensive options that you can choose from. Among them, VILTROX L116T is my favorite for its feature and performance at a competitive price. Your choice may be different than mine. Which one do you like the most? Let me know in the comments.

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