Can you use a Canon lens on Nikon Camera?

As a Nikon DSLR user, you may be habituated to Nikon lenses for your photography. But sometimes, you may fall into a situation demand to use a canon lens on your Nikon Camera.

So, in that case, the first question would generate automatically, can you use canon lens on Nikon? If you can, the second question is, how to do that?

However, let’s stop the ado and go for the details- 

Generally, Canon lenses are not designed to be mounted on Nikon Camera. If you want to mount Canon lenses on your Nikon camera forcefully, you have to use a lens adapter to do it.

But the fact is, as a Nikon DSLR user, you already may know that, Nikon DSLR can offer you focusing infinitely with Nikon Lens, which a Canon Lens will not give you.

However, Nikon DSLR features a Longer Distance (In between the Lens Flange & Sensor), which helps the Canon perform as an Extension Tube. While Nikon FD is 46.5mm, so a 2.5 mm thicker adapter merely can give the user a Reverse Direction on his/her Nikon DSLR (Canon FE Mount is 44mm only).

Whatever, the fact is the quality loss depends on the lens adapter types you are going to add. If your lens adapter is made glassless, you will have a low chance to use this lens adapter to adjust your lens to Sensor Plane Distance. With a different Geometry, you can still get the effect without the glassless lens adapter.

Again, when your lens adapter includes a lens/lens, it may give an Un-Attainable Sensor Plane Distance, which may give you a little quality loss. If you go with the prices, an adapter less than $100 will certainly provide you with quality loss. And if you can reach near around $2000 Lens Adapter, you have a little chance to get any quality loss.

Why do you Need to Mount a Canon Lens On your Nikon Camera?

Though you have your Nikon Lens on your Nikon Camera, you might need to mount a Canon Lens on your Nikon Camera. So why you need to mount a different lens on your camera? The possible reasons are-

  1. The first reason is, you use both the Nikon and Canon Cameras. And perhaps you have some excellent Canon Lenses which you are unable to mount on your Nikon Cameras. In that case, you find it is useful to purchase an Adapter and to use your Canon Lenses on your Nikon DSLRs Cameras.
  2. You may choose to use a lens adapter to change the lenses on your Nikon Camera. Perhaps you are in love to shoot video with some of your Canon lenses, so you feel better changing the Lens Apertures instead of Rotating your Lens Aperture Ring/Dial. And Changing the Lens Apertures will need a Lens Adapter.
  3. You may switch on from Canon user to Nikon User, but still, you have some such Canon Lenses, which you cannot avoid for shooting. So, you want to use an adapter to use such Canon Lens on your Nikon Camera.
  4. Unavailability of your Nikon Lenses. It might happen sometimes; you may get your Nikon lenses damaged anyhow, and you have a Canon lens as your spare. So, you can use an adapter (if it is available) to mount the Canon lens on your Nikon.
  5. You might have a personal intention to use your Canon Lens on your Nikon Camera. You can use it on a trial basis or make fun.

Can I use my Nikon Lens on Canon DSLR?

Same as the Nikon Cameras, Canon Cameras are also not designed to work with the Nikon Lens. But you have the option to use a Nikon Lens on your Canon DSLR. Again, you have to use a Nikon Lens Adapter to mount your Nikon To Canon Lens on your Canon DSLRs Camera.

So many users often may hesitate to use the lens adapter on their Nikon Cameras. The reason behind doing this is the fear of losing the quality upon the addition of a lens adapter. However, if you intend to use the Nikon lens on your Canon camera anyway, all those reasons you might know very sharply.

What Problems Might I Face When using a Lens Adapter to use canon lens on Nikon Camera?

As you are forcefully mounting a different brand’s lens on your camera, you may face some problems while singing your camera and shooting some things. Let’s see what those problems could be-

  1. You may not use Autofocus.
  2. The Vibration Reduction, along with the Automatic Aperture Control, might stop working.
  3. A tricky Manual Focus. (You might need to open your aperture to get the Autofocus).
  4. No Lens-Relevant EXIF Information if you don’t get a Chipped Programmable Lens Adapter.
  5. Problematic Metering. (You might get it off in some cases)
  6. If you want to stop the adapter swapping through each lens, you will have to purchase a different adapter for each lens. It is costly, I think!
  7. Lenses without the Aperture Ring is not efficient for the future.
  8. If your lens has a Weather Sealing Gasket, it might need to trim/cut to fit the adapter on over your lens. So, your lens might lose the weather sealing capacity in that case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can you use a Canon Lens on Nikon Camera?

Every lens is manufactured with different sizes, types, and other purposes. Therefore, it is impossible to mount a different manufacturer camera lens with another camera. Typically, this impossible task has been possible using a Third-Party Lens or by Using a Lens Camera Adapter.

How to get the ‘Canon to Nikon Lens Adapter’ effectively?

You can get a Canon to Nikon Lens Adapter quickly from the lens adapter market. Plenty of brands with several options are available nowadays for you. An adapter of less than $100 will give you a quality loss, whereas increasing the price will help you find a suitable Lens adapter for you.

Final Verdict:

The real fact is, mounting a different brand lens on the other brand camera is not any efficient matter. You can use an adapter to use it, but everything related to this lens you have to operate manually in most cases.

However, a branded Canon to Nikon Lens Adapter may give you a better output in that case. Still, you have any questions on today’s session, “can you use canon lens on Nikon” Please tell us in the comment box.

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