7 Best Dual Camera Strap You Can Buy in 2021

As a professional photographer, it’s essential to have immediate access to multiple cameras. When you always have to keep moving forward with so little time and so much pressure, any seconds lost for changing lenses can make a huge difference. And so, a dual camera strap like this hectic situation is such a big relief!

All of the products I have mention below in the list of the best dual camera strap, have High-quality leather and metal d-rings, include safety little straps, Adjustable size, moisture-wicking breathable material, heavy-duty slip-resistant Shoulder Pads, and many more.

And as always, I am here to take all excess burdens from your shoulder and have rounded up seven choices to help you out. Now, please scroll down and choose according to your requirement and thank me later!

At A Glance: My Recommended Top Dual Camera Strap

High-quality leather and metal d-rings, Worn in “X” pattern across back, the speed clutch mechanism to slide along the harness, include two safety little straps, Adjustable size

Has a carabiner-style connector with a threaded barrel, lockstar clip, safety tether strap, polyester air mesh padding spreads with the honeycomb design, moisture-wicking breathable material

U-shaped neoprene pad, Uni-Loop, suits big cameras, interchangeable design

Anchored stainless d-rings/hardware, safety straps, camera leashes for 3 camera setup, ‘x’ pattern at the back.

Lexan camera mounts, hand-tooled anodized aluminum camera mounting hubs, polypropylene nylon webbing, adjustable shoulder straps with back and shoulder padding, safety tethers and a slip-over weather cover, two quick clips

can be used as a single strap, customizable with BlackRapid MOD accessories, comes with BlackRapid CoupleR (CP-R)

Supports the Weight on the back, heavy-duty slip-resistant Shoulder Pads, Fully Adjustable, has a snap attachment that detaches the two halves for use with one or two cameras/lenses.

Best Dual Camera Strap: An Honest Review

Now, are you looking for a budget-friendly option or a multifunctional one? Fret not! I have come up with an array of options to suit the taste of any photographer.

1. Camera Strap Accessories for Two-Cameras – Most Popular One

Material: Leather | Dimensions: 7.5″ x 7.5″ x 3″ | Weight: 1.6 pounds

Camera Strap Accessories for Two-Cameras Available On Amazon

If you are a solo shooter of an event and don’t want to get worn out after a hectic photography session, the C Coiro Dual Shoulder Leather Harness is at your service. This gear will cater to all your needs and offer tremendous comfort with great versatility.

Firstly, if we look at the configuration, you will be pleased with its robust leather straps with excellent detailed stitching. Its metal buckles and buttons are top-notch.

Generally, the leather adjustments are not that flexible, and it is not valid for this harness, which is a great positive aspect to me.

About the back part, it is quite stretchy. And it rests easily on the back without any friction point. The hooks offer versatility as you can carry different things. However, you have to take care of the hooks as they can get rust.

The harness provides lots of freedom for moving up and down your camera without any hindrance. There are also security straps for more protection. You can easily affix the strap with the camera mount.

Summary: Are you looking for the best dual camera strap for DSLR, which will be comfortable to wear? The C Coiro Dual Shoulder Leather Harness, metal buckles and buttons, security straps, and all other high-end features make it one of the top-graded dual camera straps that you can buy in 2021.

👍 Pros:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Robust leather configuration
  • A board range of adjustments
  • The back parts sit snugly
  • Best value for the money
  • Well balanced on the back and shoulder

👎 Cons:

  • You have to take care of the hooks

2. BlackRapid Double Breathe Camera Harness – Great for the professional

 Overall length: 160cm | Pad length: 40.5cm | Weight: 348g (0.77lb) | Fitting/comfort adjustments: four

BlackRapid Double Breathe Camera Harness

Available On Amazon

Are you seeking an ultimate solution to miss the moments of a fast-paced event due to changing lenses? Then take advantage of this best dual camera harness, which is none other than the BlackRapid Double Breath.

This harness is designed in a way to disperse the weight of your camera bodies across your chest and shoulders quite efficiently. Thus, it ensures the comfort and longevity of the strap, as well.

One of the best aspects, in my opinion, is the loose screws in the carabiners. Now, you do not have to wrestle every time to remove a camera from the strap. Again, there is a lockstar clip with a threaded barrel and a tether strap for offering the ultimate camera security.

I can see huge improvements over their predecessors in the padding and material. The counterbalance straps or the ‘CoupleR’ allow the gadgets to sit closer to the back of your hips and keep them in position while walking.

However, this one can be used as a solo strap, but you should not! Without the second gadget, the belt becomes unbalanced, chaffs on the shoulder or neck, and results in discomfort.

Summary: This high performer is a must-have arsenal for the working pros. The strength and comfort will make your shooting more diverse and adaptive. You can relentlessly do your job without feeling physical stress. 

👍 Pros:

  • Sturdy material
  • Great harness design.
  • Won’t feel heavy on your shoulder
  • Upgraded FastenR and carabiner design

👎 Cons:

  • Expensive
  • Not easily convertible to a solo strap

3. OP/TECH USA 6501082 Double Sling – Budget-Friendly Option

Lug Connector: Loop | Connection Points: up to 4| Quick Release: Yes | Load Capacity: 30.0 lbs. | Material: Neoprene

OP/TECH USA 6501082 Double Sling

Available On Amazon

When you shelled out quite a handsome amount of money for buying cameras and don’t want to spend extra for the gears and straps, the Op/Tech Double Sling is here to save your pocket.

The wide neoprene straps are capable of carrying pro-sized cameras. The parts are padded for offering snug for long shoot days. However, you have to keep adjusting it on your shoulders.

The stretchiness of the neoprene acts like suspension to absorb camera bounce while you are walking. This dual camera harness allows you to switch quickly between the cameras without having any mess.

The straightforward, effective U-shaped neoprene neck pad distributes weight evenly across the neck and shoulders.

Overall, this gear does not pack heaps of specifications, but it will serve you what you really need – nothing more, nothing less. The interchangeable design provides the photographer flexibility to customize their gear to match their ever-changing requirements.

Summary: When you want to avoid all the pricey ones, the OP/Tech Dual sling could be a more straightforward option. It is extremely soft and provides excellent comfort.

👍 Pros:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to attach
  • Slings two cameras comfortably
  • Neoprene pad disperses weight evenly
  • Flexible and comfortable to wear for hours

👎 Cons:

  • Connects via strap eyelet instead of the tripod plate

4. HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker Two-Camera Harness – Stylish Shoulder leather strap

Suitable for: 5’7″ to 6’3″ height | Dimensions: 9.8″ x 7.2″ x 2.7″ | Weight: 1.25 pounds

HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker Two-Camera Harness

Available On Amazon

The photography enthusiasts swear by the HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker straps. If you want to get a fancy look with your strap, this one is right for you as you will look like a uber-hip cowboy. The top-notch leather system comes with a well-engineered sliding for quickdraws.

I like the fact that you can attach a third smaller camera body by coupling two HoldFast camera leashes. Now, you’ll never be caught shorthanded.

This camera harness uses your shoulders and back for support, and there is a loop over each arm. The camera slides back and forth on a strap. However, if you have a single camera, your harness might ride to one side, and the tether point might interfere with your tripod mounting plate.

Looking at screws, they fasten to the standard ¼-20″ tripod sockets with a rubber washer to ensure a secure, snug, and scratch-free fit.

The only drawback is its high price tag than its competitors. But its longevity and quality will make up for the higher price.

Summary: If you want a premium feel and stylish look, you can’t get better than HoldFast MoneyMaker. Its dual sling leather camera strap, D-rings, tripod socket connectors, sliders, safety catches – all of these reflect premium quality.

👍 Pros:

  • Beautiful Design
  • The speed clutch mechanism
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Rugged and super strong leather strap
  • The ‘X’ pattern offers additional support

👎 Cons:

  • High price tag

5. Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Two Camera Harness – Ergonomic Vest Style Chest Carrier

Harness Weight: 441g or 0.97 lbs | Holster weight: 94g | Suitable for: 26″ to 57″ inch waist

Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Two Camera Harness

Available On Amazon

When you are in the midst of woods and do not want to keep your cameras swinging around as you move, the Cotton Carrier G3 should be on your list.

The harness keeps your camera always at the ready, and the ergonomic vest-like design distributes the weight of the gadget. This versatile carrier is made of Kodra Synthetic canvas with DWR coding, and the ventilated mesh allows air circulation.

Your camera is secured by its patented super-strong Twist and Lock camera mount. It may seem tricky for the first time, but after a few tries, you get the hang of it.

However, the front harness clip comes with a plastic buckle with a metal clip. And this part needs improvement for better durability.

The quick-release waist belt, two stash pockets, torso and tether straps, and all of its unique features have made it different from other options. The four adjustment points have made it a universal gear. That being said, I would like a better strap adjustment system that is less tedious.

On the whole, this dual camera strap can be a go-to tool for adventure-loving photographers.

Summary: The twist and lock system with padded straps of Cotton Carrier G3 minimizes the body strain. With different features in the front and back portion of it, you can quickly adjust this strap to your convenience and do hands-free photography of professional or risky photoshoots.

👍 Pros:

  • Great build quality
  • Versatile and ergonomic design
  • Distributes the weight effectively
  • The side holster to the waist strap
  • Easy yet secured twist and lock system

👎 Cons:

  • Get sweaty during hot weather

6. BlackRapid RSD-1BB Double – Pricey and Great Quality Option for slender body

Material: Topside Material-Ballistic Nylon, Underside Material-1.4 cm thick Foam Pad with Knitted Mesh | Attachment method: FR-3 FastenR, 1/4″-20 | Adjustable: up to 60″ (152 cm)

BlackRapid RSD-1BB Double

Available On Amazon

You may have a slender body and not be fascinated by the fact of tangled by camera straps. But for photographers with slimmer shoulders, this BlackRapid RSD-1BB Double represents the most flexible strap available. You will fall in love with it!

This tool is a great option where you can invest in safeguarding your camera from smashing or slipping out. It makes all the difference in terms of comfort and accessibility, and thus you do not miss a shot.

This camera strap allows you to carry two cameras comfortably for extended periods and separate the two straps and use them as a single strap. It is MODs compatible as well.

The straps are fully adjustable and distribute weight evenly for those long days in the field. However, the shoulder part may slide and make you unbalanced.

The secure locking connection allows you to be comfortable dropping one camera to one side and picking up the other in an instant without wondering if your camera may hit the ground.

Summary: Grab this sleek BlackRapid RSD-1BB double strap if you want your gear to be comfortable to wear, adjustable, and hold your camera safely.

👍 Pros:

  • Good build quality
  • Adjustability up to 152 cm
  • Holds your two DSLRs comfortably within reach
  • Can separate to use one strap if you need to

👎 Cons:

  • Expensive
  • screws and clips get loosen

7. Cameraslingers CF-FS Double Camera Strap – Easy, Affordable, and lightweight Option

Weight: 0.79 lbs. | Dimensions: 10.9 x 8.5 x 1.2″ | Screw size: two 1/4″-20 Screws Attached to Tripod Mounts

Cameraslingers CF-FS Double Camera Strap

Available On Amazon

When you are tired of carrying your bulky cameras on your fist and looking for a fully adjustable dual camera strap, the Cameraslingers CF-FS will be an ideal choice.

Right off the bat, I am pleased with its lightweight feature. You won’t feel any extra burden on your shoulder. Each of the dual shoulder harnesses has rubber material underneath, which offers a non-slip and good degree of security.

The double shoulder parts are connected through a single snap buckle at the back to adjust according to your shoulders’ width.

However, the clip opens up easily and does not provide a good locking mechanism. There is a second security fastener on the strap other than the tripod mount. But it does not stay on the screw attachment when the camera is not attached to it.

The gear does not come with a cross-chest strap, which can be a plus for many users who feel suffocated by wearing a lot of accessories.

Each strap has height adjustments to ensure a comfortable carrying position. And the hooks are relatively straightforward. Overall, this gear gives you flexibility without breaking your bank.

Summary: When you are looking for a model that is straightforward and effortless to use, grab the Cameraslingers CF-FS. The Ergonomic design support system has a strap extender and does not require the use of a cross strap, making it both female and male-friendly.

👍 Pros:

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Height and shoulder adjustments
  • The padded shoulder ensures comfort

👎 Cons:

  • Shoulder adjustment opens up easily

Buying Guide Of The Best Dual Camera Strap

Before making the final purchase, you need to consider some factors.

Strap Types

There are several types of dual camera straps. Neck-straps protects your neck for longer shoots. If you want amazing shots while traveling and hands-free photography with small or lightweight mirrorless cameras, you need neck-straps.

Again, there are harness strapsWith several connection designations, you can wrap a harness strap around your body. It will provide excellent protection if you are an adventurous photographer. This type of strap will also be suitable if you use large camera gigs or multiple camera bodies with different lenses.

Strap Material

Nylon, leather, wool, rope, or neoprene – these materials are widely used on today’s straps. However, leather straps look the finest, and they even get more graceful with time.

Nonetheless, you will usually find them heavier, sometimes uncomfortable, and they’re short of grip. Also, leather straps can be a bit expensive, but they hold a stylish look.

On the other hand, nylon straps are an excellent choice for travel photographers. They are incredibly comfortable and relatively lightweight, but they do not have better looks. If you are on a budget, you better go with nylon.


How the strap attaches to your camera is essential for you because not all forms of attachments fit for each camera. There are two types of attachments. You can choose any of those types that get connected to the loops on your camera or the tripod thread. Also, you can have straps with quick-release systems.

How to Properly Wear A Double Camera Strap?

I frequently see some photographers traipsing down the street, struggling to carry two or more cameras haphazardly around the neck or shoulders. Most of the amateur photographers are seen hanging the camera straps from their necks.

But it shouldn’t be the case. The neck is a terrible option to append your camera as the heavyweight of the camera can cause damage to your c spine and engender back pain.

So it would be best if you hung the strips from your shoulder. Most of the dual camera strips have a design that allows wearing this around both shoulders. Some are designed to hold your cameras against your hip. It also lets you wield the cameras more efficiently and take better photos.

The camera lenses should always point towards your body. Otherwise, they can torque your shoulder and bang with things or with the other camera if you’re carrying two simultaneously.


Remember, you’re trusting this accessory to carry several thousand dollars’ worth of equipment. The most expensive ones aren’t necessarily the best ones. In contrast, the cheapest one may cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs in the long run.

So, make sure you go through the buying guide before purchasing one of these best dual camera straps. Let me know your thoughts on the wrist strap or harness compared to hand or neck-straps. And also, let me know which one is your most favorite!

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