The Differences Between 35mm vs. 85mm lenses

Nowadays, prime lenses are getting popular with photographers. Prime lenses are becoming best for taking portraits. Why?

They come with a large a variety of focal lengths, compositions and so on. Above all, prime lenses are famous for producing better quality.

There are a large variety of lenses, such as 20mm to 400mm. They can give you less distortion. The array of lenses, depending on what kind of portrait you want to get. So, which one to choose?

35mm and 85mm lenses are the most popular lenses out there. So, to make it easier, here in this article, we bring you an overall comparison between 35mm vs 85mm lenses.

Let’s jump into it:

The Differences Between 35mm vs. 85mm lenses

Before going into details, let’s see some basic information on what are 35mm and 85mm lenses:

The 35mm or 85mm is some numbers to express how much the lenses can “zoomed in” whenever taking a picture. And this indicates the focal length of the lens.

Focal length has a significant impact on your view. The Lower focal length will give you a broader idea of the image.

On the contrary, the higher length will provide you with a narrower look. So give a thought to the lenses whenever you buy it.

Most photographers prefer to take wider lenses or narrower lenses according to their ease of use and the portrait category.

Factors before choosing lenses: As you know, a good sense can flourish your creativity. So if you want a classy result, then you need to keep in mind the following facts.

  • Your object
  • Your model’s ability
  • Your genre
  • Purpose of Shooting
  • The outcome
  • lighting effect.
  • Time of Shooting.
  • Space
  • Your lighting system.

These are the essential factors to consider. Now let’s have a look at their main differences.

Portraits Types

The 35mm is an ideal option for the environmental view as the 35mm lens has a broader range of view so that it can take the most outstanding image on the frame. Moreover, it can give a larger illusion to the pictures.

You will not get in the 85mm make certain parts of them look bigger than they are in real option because of perspective distortion and the lens design.

But 35 mm will disappoint you in the term of taking a personal portrait. It will give a flattering look. Most of the professional avoid it. But if you pull back the scene, then th4e people in it look gorgeous.

85mm lenses are great focal length for portraits. 85mm lens is a versatile lens with wildlife photography options. With this lens, a close-up shot is possible. You can see every detail of the picture.

But 85mm doesn’t continue with more space. It is a hard nut to crack with an 85 mm lens. You cant more shots with it. So if you are new to this, then don’t go for it. An experienced one can handle it more professionally.

Depth of field

You will get the more depth of the field in the *5mm portraits. If your background is not up to the mark, then you can use that particular lens.

The lense has a blurry effect of hiding all imperfections in your background. On the other way, we can say that it is more focused on its main 9object.

However, most photographers want to look at their portraits more natural. So that they prefer to use 5mm, if you are of them, then use 85MM. It gives you the background in the background as it is real.


In terms of structure, #5mm is the winner. You can get the whole frame in it for its composition. But 85mm is narrower than it.*5 mm is used in sophisticated photography.

Focal length:

85mm is known to its focal length. It has a minimum focusing distance approximately 2.8 feet from the central focal [poiunt.

Compare to 85 mm,35 don’t have a standard focal length. But it is considerable for day to day photography as well.

So it is clear that in 35mm vs.85 mm debate,85mm is the winner. And if you want to explore with different living species then go with the 85mm focal lens.


The Best Time to Use a 35mm Lens:

It is a bit uncomfortable to shoot in less space. The frame doesn’t look good and cant capture more elements in it. So before taking a shot, consider the overall facts wisely.

The 35mm also affects on the acceptance of viewers because it gives a 3-dimensionality picture. So the viewers feel like real.

And 35mm lenses are quite similar to the human eye; that’s why this dilemma happens. In that case, most of the journalist use it to make their documentary.

But you have to be more careful with the close shot. Got it, right?

The Best Time to Use an 85mm Lens:

With this magic one, you can take both the flattering look and close shot. In body shot, you will need more space, nothing else.

It focuses on the individual. The lense provides a fair compression of features Shooting in a building, or the vast area will be so smooth with 85mm. It gives a distant look with a painterly effect.

Many famous photographers use it to 5take painterly photographs because they are so eye-catchy.

Final words

Now, it’s your turn to choose on 35mm vs.85 mm lenses. But our recommendations will be for 85mm lenses because they offer you more. As a result, you can decorate your fame and get a quality 0potrait.

Additionally, if you are a newbie then practise with 35mm lenses. Once you get used to it, you will find 85mm more convenient to use.

So, which is your preferred one? Analyze our word and make the best use of your money. Happy clicking!

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