What Size Frame For 11×14 Print Makes the Perfect Match?

Framing an artwork or photo print may seem very simple but let me tell you, it can be trickier to determine the right frame and mat for photography based on the print size. There are also standard frame sizes available to match the different print or photography sizes, such as 5″x7″, 8″x10″, 11″x17″, 18″x24″, etc.

But in today’s article, I’m going to talk about what size frame for 11×14 print is required and how we can quickly determine the perfect standard frame and mat for our prints or photographs.

What Size Picture Fits In An 11×14 Frame?

Though an 11×14 is one of the standard frame sizes, it is still a trickier one, and we often hear people ask what size frame for 11×14 print and whether the frame dimension 11×14 or 8×10.

So today, I have decided to simplify the answer for you. Actually, it can vary depending on whether you prefer the frame with a mat border or without a mat border.

If your image or print is 11×14 sized, you can use an 11×14 frame without a mat border, but it will fit perfectly on a 16×20 frame with the mat border. The standard size for an 11×14 frame is 8×10 or 8.5×11, and make sure minimum 1/8 inch opening window in each side of the picture or print while framing it.

How To Measure Your Print Or Photo For Framing?

Before you jump to find the right frame and mat border for your favorite photo or print, make sure you know the exact measurement of your print or photo on hand.

First, list down what needs to do the measurement:

  • The picture or artwork print
  • A measurement tape and
  • A Notepad or piece of paper to note down the measurement

Now you can start the measurement by following the below instruction thoroughly-


Lay your print or photograph flat on the surface or table.


If you want to crop your photo print in certain areas that you do not want in the frame, you can do it, or in case there is a white border around the central area of framing, you can cut that portions before the measurement.


Here take a measure of the print or photo’s width and height in millimeters by excluding the opening window of 2.5 mm on each side of the photo.

Note down your measurement and cross-check the measurement before you input it.

How To Pick The Right Frame Mat For Your Picture Or Artwork?

You may find choosing the right match from the wide variety range of frames available in the market that’s I have prepared a simple step by step way to help you. So follow the steps thoroughly and execute accordingly-

Step-1: Determine Size of Your Print Or Photo:

First, determine whether your photo or print piece is a smaller or larger one because it plays an essential role in this task.

Remember that a thicker mat border for framing suits best for large prints or photos, and also, a thin mat border best complements smaller photos or artwork. Therefore, if you are not quite sure what the exact size of your picture or image, take your time to measure the photo’s dimensions, and you may consider cropping the photo or print to the exact size of the framing. You can also take help from your nearest or trustworthy supplier if needed.

Step-2: Measure The Dimensions For Your Mat Frame:

After you have successfully determined the size of your photo or print to finalize the mat type, it is time to measure the frame’s overall dimensions.

While you measure the dimension, remember that the opening should not be the same size as the print or photo for the mat’s window size. The easy way out option is always to make sure your mat frame covers a minimum of 1/8 inch on each side and at least 1.5 times larger than the frame’s size to prevent it from overlapping.

Step-3: Select The Right Frame Mat:

Most professionals recommend a mat border of 2 to 4 inches unless you do not have any personal preference for it.

If your product is a smaller one, then a border closer to 2 inches may seem overwhelming for your photo or print. But if your photo frame is a larger one, it will easily fit with wider mat borders.

Also, picking up the right color for your mat border is essential at this point, and you should pick a neutral border color that will not distract the attention of your artwork or photo; instead will enhance the look.

Step-4: Adding A Style Or Depth:

First of all, it is an additional step that depends on your preference, whether you want it. You can add depth to your product with some additional styling, like using layered mats with different textures or colors.

In case you are interested in having a layered mat border, you can use the standard 2 or 3 layers as your mat border. In case you are into highlighting styling, then pick a neutral color for the top, a bold or bright one for the second and third layers. Or else you can opt into the classy modern layering with just a black and white combo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is 11x14 A standard frame size?

Yes. It is one of the standard framing sizes for prints or photos according to the ISO 216 standard.

What Is The Best Size Frame For An 11x14 Print?

An 11x14 frame fits appropriate for an 11x14 print, with no mat.

What Size Frame For 11x14 Print With Mat Requires?

If we consider a mat frame size for an 11x14 print, then an 8x10 or 8.5x11 print will be perfect.


The most critical aspect of Framing a photo or artwork is understanding how to measure the dimensions correctly to fit in the right frame and mat. That’s why I have explained what size frame for an 11×14 print and how to measure the dimensions accordingly to guide you in the right direction.

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