Rokinon Vs Samyang: A Complete Guide

Both brands are top-rated among camera enthusiasts because of their sharpness and reasonable pricing. While finding out the differences between Rokinon vs. Samyang, I have come to know that the same company manufactures both.

But Rokinon is intended for the US market, where Samyang targets the UK and European market. An interesting fact is that lenses from both brands are available on Amazon.

So, I have decided to clarify the similarities and dissimilarities to help you make the right decision. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Who Makes Samyang?

Samyang Optics is a South Korean lens manufacturer that makes Samyang MF and AF camera lenses for various well-known brands. The company has been operating successfully since 1972.

Today, the company has flourished around the world with enormous popularity. It employs almost 150 people and exports its products to 58 countries through 39 overseas agents and distributors. In the US, the manufacturer uses an agency named EBI to market their products.

They sell their products under this name along with several others. It includes Rokinon, Bower, Opteka, Vivitar, Phoenix, and Quantaray.

Who Makes Rokinon?

Rokinon is also made by Samyang Optics. The manufacturer sells their lenses in the US under the brand name “Rokinon.” Here, EBI or Elite Brands Inc. is the sole owner, distributor, and authorized marketing agent of this brand in the country.

They also represent other branded products from Samyang in North America, Central America, and South America.

Rokinon Vs. Samyang: Which One To Buy?

***there’s no distinct difference between Samyang and Rokinon except the name stamped on the barrel. ***

You may wonder how the lenses of the two brands are almost similar. They even have the same specifications!! How’s that?

Well, as mentioned earlier, Rokinon lenses are manufactured by Samyang. So, there are no significant differences between the products. However, it’s important to know why you need to buy a lens from the manufacturers.

Well, Rokinon or Samyang, whatever you want to name it, are widely renowned for making amazingly sharp lenses. The sharpness that the lenses offer attracts both photographers and videographers around the globe.

However, the manufacturer has a bad reputation for providing the lenses with average built-quality. If you are seeking a lens with the best built-quality, definitely Rokinon isn’t for you. The lenses don’t last for long and get easily damaged.

Well, I hope now you can categorize when and why you should buy a lens from the manufacturers. If not, let me help you.

When you are on a budget but require a sharp lens to go for astrophotography or capturing landscapes, buying a lens should meet your goal. As you know, both astrophotography and landscapes require sharper lenses, buying one of them should be worth it.

Also, if you are new to learning photography, the lenses won’t be any worse. Just make sure you handle the lens carefully.

So, Which One Should I Buy?

There’s no specific answer to the question, I must say. If you choose two lenses from Rokinon and Samyang, you won’t find any spec difference, for example, a 12mm ultra-wide lens.

However, Rokinon lenses are manufactured, focusing on North American users. In contrast, Samyang ones are produced for the UK and Europe. Again, you might get a Rokinon lens cheaply than Samyang’s in the US. Again, you will get a warranty and better customer service from the manufacturer. The same goes for Samyang. If you live somewhere in the UK or Europe, I recommend you to get one of the lenses from the manufacturer for getting better customer service. After all, you can’t measure the service in exchange for money, right?

Now, it’s your call to decide which one to get.

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